I'm looking for funding

We'll work with you to find your way to the right startup money.
Need money to start your own business or project? Do you have an innovative and scalable product or service with the potential to be used in the international market? We can help you find the right type of financing for your project.
Are you looking for an investor for your company?
Are you looking for an investor for your company?
We will prepare you to meet him. We have our own investment fund, JIC Ventures, and work with angel investors and investor groups.
Do you want to receive a grant?
Do you want to receive a grant?
We will guide you through the grant funding opportunities and together we will choose the right one for your project.

Preparing for investment and connecting with investors

Are you looking for an investor for your company who will share the joy of success and support you even in difficult times?

Preparing for investors

We offer basic support in preparation for communication with investors. We'll give you feedback on your pitch deck, you can try out a mock presentation in front of investors and we'll advise you on what to expect from the investment process.

Connecting with investors

Every year we support dozens of startups and companies through consulting. We are in close contact with investors and are able to connect carefully prepared clients with them. This increases the chances of raising important capital.

JIC Ventures

Because we know our clients well, we know when it pays to invest in them. That's why we came up with our own venture fund, JIC Ventures, to support the development of interesting companies such as Wereldo, NenoVision, GINA software or Myco.

Grant programmes and competitions

Do you have an innovative and scalable product or service with the potential to be used on the international market, at least in the concept phase? We will find a suitable grant for your project, guide you through the application process and support you in preparing a quality project. We will provide you with market data and technology trends in your field and connect you with international partners.


Prototype and verify

Up to CZK 800,000 for the development of a prototype of an innovative product or service and its verification with pilot customers.


€50,000 for start-ups developing new products or services based on space technologies with support from the European Space Agency.

ESA Spectrum Sharing Makerspace

Support of up to €50,000 for the implementation of one of the announced projects in the field of spectrum sharing and cooperation with the European Space Agency.

EIC Accelerator

Up to €2.5 million to complete the development and scale-up of breakthrough innovations with the potential to create a new or significantly impact an existing market.

Horizon Europe

Europe's largest programme supporting research and innovation with a major impact in collaboration with other international partners.

Cascade financing

User-friendly funding of up to €100,000 provided through projects supported by Horizon Europe.


Up to CZK 12 million for the development of innovative products and services in cooperation with at least one foreign partner.

Creative vouchers

To support the cooperation of companies and experienced creatives, our KUMST with the support of the City of Brno gives up to 100 000 CZK.

Competitions for students

Get funding to kick-start your business idea and feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and consultants.

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