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JIC Ventures

We support promising founders with vision and potential. We invest in them not only money, but also time and know-how. Thanks to the value of the investment, we receive funds to support other companies.

Our approach

We invest in start-ups because we believe in their potential to grow and succeed with a great idea in a global market. We want to support promising companies and their founders in their development. That's why we founded our subsidiary fund JIC Ventures. We only need a minority stake, we have no ambition to interfere in the day-to-day running of companies. The investment is the beginning of a long-term cooperation. Our companies join the JIC network and can benefit from the support we offer.
Radim Kocourek
We've worked with hundreds of startups, so we know that in the beginning they often need a financial injection to kick-start and accelerate growth.
Radim Kocourek
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What kind of investment can be obtained?

We focus exclusively on pre-seed and seed stage investments. The amount of investment can reach up to 3 million CZK and if more funds are needed and it makes sense, we will be happy to co-invest. We have contacts with other investors and can help with approaching them. It all depends on the specific project and the agreement with the founders.

When can I apply for an investment and how?

You can request an investment at any time. Just let us know about yourself and preferably attach your pitch deck right away. We will also be happy to answer your questions and discuss how we can support your project.

How does the whole investment process work?

01 Before

In the beginning, we need to understand the nature of your business, meet key people, talk about the financial plan and so on. A prepared pitch deck and financial plan will be helpful for the discussion. This part can take a few days or even a few months depending on how well we know you at JIC and what your plans for leveraging the investment look like.

02 Progress

If we agree on the benefits of cooperation and agree on the terms of the investment, we can proceed with the processing of the investment. This means first signing a term sheet that summarizes the framework of the investment and the setup of the future relationship between the owners of the company and JIC Ventures. We will then examine the information provided in more detail. In particular about the market, competitors, technology and people, the so-called due diligence. For larger investments, we still consult with the investment board to see if they recommend the investment. If nothing prevents the investment, we sign an investment agreement and send you the funds to implement your plans.

03 After

However, the work for us does not end with the transfer of the money, but begins. We are here to further support the project with what JIC offers its business clients. We expect quarterly meetings from you so that we know what is going well and, more importantly, what is not going well and what is good to focus on. We take an individual approach to each project.

Do you want to ask? Are you interested in cooperation?

Write to us. We will get back to you and will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities of cooperation. We can also meet casually and talk about your project.
Radim Kocourek
assistant director
Radim Kocourek

We will use the personal information you provide to respond to your message and to communicate with you further.