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Inspiring ideas are often born in the minds of students and young people; with your education, enthusiasm, motivation as well as necessary ideals, you're perfectly suited for it. But how to turn that good idea into a well-working business? That's where we can help!

What can you experience with us?

#student educational seminars

Want to learn about lean canvases, why market research is so important, or how to establish your first company? These are among the topics of our regular educational seminars lectured by various professionals, and it's a great opportunity to ask them about anything. These seminars will also put you in touch with many other entrepreneurial spirits there.

Summer school of business

Thinking about what to do during your summer vacation? Not interested in sitting at the computer or sunbathing? Would you like to get to know the world of business and try working in a team? Or maybe you already have an idea that you'd like to work on? Every summer we prepare a five-day program for all the enthusiastic students to gather experience while they work on their ideas and personal growth.

#chcipodnikat regular series of courses

If you have a business idea and aren't sure where to begin, our multi-day #chcipodnikat course is the right choice for you. We'll show you what a lean canvas is, the importance of a well-worded Value Proposition, and the difference between primary and secondary market research.

Mentor hours

Already have a good idea, but aren't sure how to start your business? Maybe somebody else's perspective would help? Somebody with more experience. Well, why don't you try mentor hours – excellent guidance in an "open hours" style. Please fill out a short questionnaire and we'll contact you to arrange the whole thing.

Consultations for new businessmen

Do you have an idea that can make others' lives easier, but aren't sure whether to start working on it fully yet? Let us know! We'll help you find answers to your questions about business and life in general. Our consultants may spend up to 18 hours with you and will focus on whether to start up your company, and how.


In cooperation with Lipka and other partners, we've been implementing a project to support career consulting, the spirit of enterprise in sustainable development, and other education in the South Moravian Region. Our main goal is to develop the knowledge of teachers in terms of professional education and entrepreneurship.

Cooperation with universities

Did you know that there are over 60 thousand university students in Brno? That's a lot of minds giving birth to excellent business ideas! Only sometimes an idea isn't enough. That's why we cooperate with BUT, MUNI and Mendelu and organize semester courses and workshops on doing business and even invite them to visit us here at JIC.

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