When business sets
out to change the world!

Supporting entrepreneurial minds with good ideas, from their start-up beginnings all the way to the global market.

What do we do?

We’ve created an open innovation ecosystem that is home to globally successful entrepreneurs and inspires the whole world. That is the vision that we’ve been living for and working on at JIC.

  • For those with great ideas to establish businesses based on their visions.
  • For companies to grow, establish partnerships, and develop.
  • For South Moravia to be a great place to work, do business, and live.
  • For students to experience first-hand what doing business is really about.

Who are we here for?


Are you a student with a business idea in mind? And the drive and desire to succeed in the startup world? Discover with us what entrepreneurship is all about. Start your own startup. You can join competitions, take part in educational events and maybe even get your own mentor. We have everything an entrepreneurial student needs to get started.


Are you starting? Do you have an innovative business plan? Do you want to turn it into a working company? Then we have the JIC accelerator JICbooster for you. You can build your company on a solid foundation, rent a coworking space and become part of the startup community. Whether you're a startup spirit, a scientist or want to go your own way!


Is your startup growing under your hands? Do you need to have rapid growth firmly in your hands? Do you want to enter foreign markets with a sure foot? We'll put a top business expert at your fingertips, help you find an investor or grant, offer experienced people on the board, and connect you to corporations and other companies. Follow in the footsteps of globally successful companies in the region with us.


We work with the most successful companies in the region! Smartlook, VRgineers, IDEA StatiCa, Tatum and more - these are the startup champions from #brnoregion who are on the threshold of global success. We connect them to each other and to our international contacts, putting experienced people at their fingertips and creating a space to share their experiences.