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We find meaning in our support of entrepreneurs, through which we contribute to a positive change in society and address global challenges.

JIC really has a lot
to offer to you!

Consultation support

Considering doing business, but aren't sure where to begin? Or have you run into a problem at your company that is holding you back? We'll support you, no matter if you're new to business or if your well-established company needs an outside perspective.


We are building the JIC+ community of entrepreneurs. We are creating a safe space for entrepreneurs to meet and share their experience and know-how, and even establish business partnerships. Why? Because a strong and working ecosystem is absolutely essential for business to develop.


Struggling to find resources for your business? We'll help you find the right path! We are experts on grant consultancy and know a lot about investments as well as loans. We even have our own JIC Ventures investment tool we can use to invest into starting businesses.

Rent and facilities

Need office space for your new company? How about a meeting room, a lecture hall, or even a lab? JIC buildings provide completely equipped rooms for these exact purposes. And creative people have a fully-equipped FabLab at their disposal, as well.

We are an innovation agency supporting entrepreneurs and looking after the development of an innovation ecosystem

  • Through 1-on-1 consultations, our consultants and experts will help you develop your business.
  • We organize educational events for today's and tomorrow's businessmen.
  • We hold networking events for owners of small and mid-sized companies.
  • We open doors to large corporations as well as investors.
  • We are building the JIC+ business community.
Co-creating an open
innovation ecosystem
  • We are building KUMST and run FabLab Brno to provide space for people to bring their ideas to life.
  • We established the INTEMAC research & development and educational centre.
  • As part of the #brnoregion initiative, we are building a brand for our region as the right address for innovation business, research, and development.
  • We are authors of Platinn.cz platform.
  • We are part of the international Enterprise Europe Network and the EBN network.
Spearheading the development of the innovation strategy for the region
  • The Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region brings together scientists from universities and research centres, owners of technology companies, people from local administrations as well as active members of the public.
  • Since 2003, we've been in charge of the development of the Regional Innovation Strategy.
We are proud to have contributed to the development of internationally successful companies