People at the JIC

  • If you have a business idea and you could use some help with starting

    Vít Hanák

    Vít Hanák
    +420 511 205 238

  • If you prepare a product and you want to really push the business on

    Hana  Šudáková

    Hana Šudáková
    +420 511 205 316

  • If you have a product or customers and lack a strategy for further development

    Vít Hanák

    Vít Hanák
    +420 511 205 238

  • If you have an established company and you want to give your business a new impulse

    Ondřej Petrášek

    Ondřej Petrášek
    +420 511 205 259

Services for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups

All information (not only) about events for aspiring entrepreneurs will be provided to you by (not only) the JIC ENTER, JIC STARCUBE and JIC MASTER programme managers.

  • Vít Hanák

    Vít Hanák

    Business Growth Manager
    +420 511 205 238

  • Hana  Šudáková

    Hana Šudáková

    JIC STARCUBE Manager / Business Growth Manager
    +420 511 205 316

  • Jakub Bůšek

    Jakub Bůšek
    +420 511 205 333

  • Lukáš Polický

    Lukáš Polický
    +420 511 205 261

  • Michaela Sagitariová

    Michaela Sagitariová

    Junior Project Manager
    +420 511 205 311

  • Jan Zeman

    Jan Zeman

  • Martin Dokoupil

    Martin Dokoupil

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Milan Pařil

    Milan Pařil

Services for experienced entrepreneurs and technology companies

Whether it is the JIC PLATINN programme, consultation in the areas of intellectual property or partnering, our experts are available to you at anytime.

  • Jindřich  Weiss

    Jindřich Weiss

    Entrepreneurs Support Team Manager
    +420 511 205 254

  • Aleš Boček

    Aleš Boček

    Business Innovation Manager
    +420 511 205 320

  • Halina Jílková

    Halina Jílková

    Project Manager
    +420 602 410 751

  • Lucie Kanioková

    Lucie Kanioková

    Business Innovation Manager
    +420 725 558 145

  • Ondřej Petrášek

    Ondřej Petrášek

    Business Innovation Manager
    +420 511 205 259

  • Pavel Řehoř

    Pavel Řehoř

    Businnes Inovation Manager, ESA BIC Coordinator
    +420 511 205 221

Financial and technological cooperation

Would you like to cooperate with any of the technology companies? We have specific advice, information and tailored grant consultancy for you.

  • Markéta Borovcová

    Markéta Borovcová

    International Funding Specialist
    +420 511 205 355

  • Lucie Břicháčková

    Lucie Břicháčková

    Junior International Projects Specialist
    +420 511 205 354

  • Monika Vrbková

    Monika Vrbková

    International Funding Specialist
    +420 511 205 353

Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Support

We encourage entrepreneurship, creativity and the courage to try new things with students, as well as helping to leverage the results of top university research in the real world around us.

  • Ivana Chlubná

    Ivana Chlubná

    Project Manager
    +420 511 205 262

  • Vojtěch  Krmíček

    Vojtěch Krmíček

    Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Support Team Manager
    +420 511 205 260


You can be on our promotional materials or become a media partner. We have an overview of what is happening, so with us, you will have all the latest information.


Put every invoice through us and end here every phone call and email from suppliers

Facility management and administration

INTECH, INBIT, INMEC – we will tell you about how each building is occupied and what is happening in it right now. Are you interested in renting? You are in the right place!


Fixed lines, network connections, wi-fi access. We are here, so you don't have worry about the technical background and can devote all your energy solely to business.

  • Antonín Neužil

    Antonín Neužil

    IT Support Technician
    +420 511 205 332

  • Jiří Vala

    Jiří Vala

    ICT Manager
    +420 511 205 318


The JIC is a fantastic team. HR ensures that it will always remain so.

Regional Innovation Strategy

We coordinate the RIS JMK, contribute to the fulfilment of its objectives and the building of a regional brand.


  • Petr Vrána

    Petr Vrána

    Data Analyst
    +420 511 205 342

  • David Marek

    David Marek

    Regional Innovation Strategy Manager
    +420 725 989 596

  • Tomáš Avrat

    Tomáš Avrat

    Regional Marketing Manager
    +420 511 205 321

  • Alena Kastnerová

    Alena Kastnerová

    +420 603 541 296

  • Veronika Svobodová

    Veronika Svobodová

    PR and Online Marketing Manager
    +420 733 119 722

  • Michaela  Šmídková

    Michaela Šmídková

    RIS3 Assistant, SMART Accelerator
    +420 511 205 326

FabLab Brno

First digital laboratory in Czech Republic, open to everyone.

JIC Senior Management

Under their control is the smooth operation of the whole JIC operation. Together with other supporting entrepreneurs in South Moravia, they are changing the world.

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