We support entrepreneurs
and foster the development of an innovation ecosystem


We are based in #brnoregion in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. Our founders are the South Moravian Region, the Statutory City of Brno, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno, and the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno. Since 2003, we’ve been helping create of one of the most innovative business ecosystems in Central Europe.

Every year, we support approximately one hundred owners of companies registered in South Moravia – from fresh entrepreneurs with new ideas, to well-established companies.

Where we’re heading

The vision of JIC is an open innovation ecosystem which is home to globally successful entrepreneurs and that inspires the world

How we get there

We empower people to grow companies that can change the world

By supporting entrepreneurs, we contribute to positive changes in society and to addressing global challenges

Our story

Since our establishment, we’ve been supporting the transformation of companies through innovation and time-proven know-how, as well as cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The RIS is established

Through the first Regional Innovation Strategy in the Czech Republic, the South Moravia region has achieved a number of successes. These successes quickly inspired other regions who today have their own innovation strategies. Two years after its establishment, the RIS JMK played a major role in the creation of the JIC.


JIC was established

JIC was established by the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region (RIS JMK). It’s responsible for coordinating the RIS and supporting entrepreneurs (not only) in the South Moravian Region. At present, the European-format innovation agency has 3 buildings, 2 subsidiaries and almost 70 employees.


First client of JIC

One of the first clients who knocked on JIC’s door was Václav Muchna, with his then-student project we know today as Y Soft – a successful global company managed from Brno. Through its investment vehicle Y Soft Ventures, these days the company also provides support to other promising companies from Brno.


We opened the JIC INBIT building

The first biotechnology incubator in the Czech Republic, first specialised space for biotechnology companies and start-ups in the region, and – on top of that – winner of the “Building of the Year”. The JIC INBIT building has quickly become integral to the rapidly developing campus of Masaryk University.


We introduced JIC VOUCHER

To support cooperation between companies and researchers, we distributed almost 36 million CZK among hundreds of projects. Taking inspiration from Holland, we were the first organisation to bring the idea of innovation vouchers to the Czech Republic – today you can find such vouchers in other regions as well.


We introduced an international accelerator

Since its creation, the first start-up accelerator in the Czech Republic has supported 62 start-ups, which have received investments of over 122 million CZK. From 2013 the accelerator has also opened its doors to foreign companies. It was our honour to support Kiwi.com on this programme.


Speed dating for technology companies

At events called “120 Seconds”, company representatives meet at round tables and each of them has exactly 2 minutes to introduce their activities. This way we’ve connected hundreds of companies and are behind the start of more than 1,000 new cooperative relationships.


Articles about us in the foreign media

And not just in any media – first there was a piece in The New York Times and afterwards another in the Financial Times. Both articles describe JIC as a successful incubator of start-ups and Brno as a city dedicated to technology. Nor did they fail to point out that giants such as AVG, Honeywell and IBM have set up their corporate headquarters nearby.


“Our” companies achieved a turnover exceeding a half billion CZK

Companies incubated at JIC reached a significant milestone. Moreover, every second employee worked in research, and each hi-tech job naturally created 3 new service jobs.


3rd most engaged incubator in the world

Third place in the global competition The Best Incubator Award confirmed that JIC can boldly stand should-to-shoulder with the world’s leading innovation centres and incubators. Only Australia and New Zealand could manage better.


We held the first OIS

And the first participant was Coca Cola! Thanks to the Open Innovation Session, companies find technology partners easily and efficiently, and we encourage discussion on innovation. Networking among corporations, small companies and start-ups is a nice bonus.


JIC PLATINN is launched

We wanted to support not only start-ups, but also established companies which had stagnated in development.  We were inspired by the Swiss model and have enhanced it. Now we are teaching the Swiss how to coach established businesses.


We opened INTEMAC

The competence centre in Kuřim is designed for mechanical engineering companies, researchers and students who want to develop new technologies associated with machine tools. Machine tools constitute one of the historically strongest industrial sectors in the Czech Republic.  


We launched JIC VENTURES

Financial support for companies involved in JIC programmes – right from the early stages of their business. The investment tool JIC VENTURES supports promising companies to grow faster.


Pilot year of the project CREATIVE VOUCHERS BRNO

In cooperation with the City of Brno, we supported cooperation between companies and experienced creatives from the South Moravian Region. These entities received 4 million CZK, which we distributed in the form of creative vouchers for their joint projects.


We opened the first FabLab in the Czech Republic

FabLab Brno is a digital workshop open to the Czech public 24/7 – one of 1170 fablabs around the world. In our prototyping workshop, intended for tech companies, start-ups and the public, you can find a 3D printer, cutting plotter and a CNC milling machine.


We brought outer space to Brno

ESA BIC Brno aims to promote the use of space technology in everyday life, to secure support for research, development and innovation, and to monetise their results. Through these incubation centres, ESA (European Space Agency) is supporting start-ups whose technology reaches up into outer space.


Heading out into the world with mobile Fablab

FabLab Experience is a semi-trailer that, once parked, becomes a workshop full of modern manufacturing machines. It provides pupils and students of primary and secondary schools with practical education in the field of digital production technologies.