We support businessmen
and look after the development of this innovation ecosystem


We are established and sponsored by the South Moravian Region, statutory city of Brno, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno, and the University of Veterinary Sciences Brno. Since 2003, we've been helping create one of the most innovative business ecosystems in Central Europe.

Every year we support around one hundred company owners from South Moravia, from new businesses with fresh ideas to well-established companies.

Where we are going

JIC envisions an open innovation ecosystem that is home to globally successful entrepreneurs and inspires the world!

How we get there

We support people as they develop companies that can change the world.

We’ll help you develop your potential as well as the potential of your company so that you discover purpose in your work.

We believe that only people who see their own actions as meaningful can be truly successful, both in business and life.

Our story

Since the very beginning, we’ve been empowering company transformation through innovations and proven know-how, and simultaneously improving the business environment and quality of the ecosystem.


Regional Innovation Strategy

The South Moravian Region established the very first RIS in the Czech Republic, which led to a number of great achievements. Other regions got inspired and soon followed. 


JIC established

JIC was established based on the RIS of the South Moravian Region, aiming to coordinate and support businessmen (not only) in the South Moravian Region. Today, this innovation agency of Europe-wide importance operates in three buildings and runs two daughter companies with almost 70 employees. 


First client of JIC

One of the first clients who knocked on JIC’s door was Václav Muchna, with his then-student project we know today as Y Soft – a successful global company managed from Brno. Through its investment vehicle Y Soft Ventures, these days the company also provides support to other promising companies from Brno.


JIC INBIT opened

The very first biotechnology incubator in the Czech Republic, the first specialized space for biotechnology companies and startups in the region, and even the building of the year! JIC INBIT quickly became a part of the developing campus of Masaryk University. 


JIC VOUCHER introduced

We support cooperation among companies and researchers and have distributed almost 36 million CZK among hundreds of projects. Inspired by a similar project in the Netherlands, we were the first to bring the idea of innovation vouchers to the Czech Republic. And today they are used in other regions as well. 


International accelerator introduced

So far, the first startup accelerator in the Czech Republic has supported 62 startup companies with investments of over 122 million CZK. Since 2013, it has been open to foreign companies, too. As part of the program, it was an honour for us to support Kiwi.com as well. 


Speed dating for technology companies

At our 120” event, representatives of companies meet up at round tables where each of them has two minutes to introduce their activities. This way, we’ve supported hundreds of companies and assisted in the birth of over 1,000 healthy working relationships. 


Articles about us in the foreign media

And not just in any media – first there was a piece in The New York Times and afterwards another in the Financial Times. Both articles describe JIC as a successful incubator of start-ups and Brno as a city dedicated to technology. Nor did they fail to point out that giants such as AVG, Honeywell and IBM have set up their corporate headquarters nearby.


“Our” companies’ sales exceed half a billion

The companies incubated in JIC achieved a major milestone. In addition, every second employee who worked in research or a hi-tech job naturally created three more jobs in the service sector. 


3rd best incubator in the world

We placed third at the international The Best Incubator Award, which proved to us that JIC can hold its own against global innovation centres as well as incubators. Only Australia and New Zealand were ahead of us. 


First OIS organized

And for nobody else than Coca Cola! The Open Innovation Session enables companies to simply and efficiently find technology partners, and we initiate discussions about innovations. And the resulting networking among corporations, small companies as well as startups is a very welcome bonus. 


JIC PLATINN launched

We wanted to support not only startups but also veteran companies looking for new impulses. Inspired by the Swiss model, we’ve been applying this methodology in dozens of well-established companies in the South Moravian Region. 


INTEMAC opened

The competence centre in Kuřim serves engineering companies, researchers, and students who develop new technologies related to machine tools, an industry with a long, strong tradition in our country. 



Financial support for companies from the JIC programs from the earliest stages of their business activities. The JIC VENTURES investment tool supports aspiring companies in growing more quickly. 



In cooperation with the city of Brno, we facilitated better cooperation between companies and experienced creative people from the South Moravian Region and, through our creative vouchers, distributed 4 million CZK among them for their shared projects. 


First FabLab opened in the Czech Republic

FabLab Brno is a digital workshop open to the public 24/7, and one of 1,170 FabLabs throughout the world. Our prototyping workshop for technology companies, startups as well as the general public gives you access to 3D printers, a cutting plotter, a CNC milling machine and much more. 


Bringing outer space to Brno

ESA BIC Brno aims to support the use of cosmic technologies in everyday life and to ensure support for research, development and innovations while monetizing their results. Through these incubation centres, the European Space Agency (ESA) also supports startups working on technologies used in outer space. 


Travelling with our mobile FabLab

The FabLab Experience is a trailer that has been converted into a workshop full of modern production machines. It offers hands-on experience with digital production technologies to elementary and high school students.