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I need to consult or gain experience

Already have a company, but facing a certain challenge? Or are you at the very beginning and looking for inspiration on the next steps to take? No matter if you are just starting out in business or dealing with a new situation in a well-established company, we will work with you to navigate the path forward. We'll choose the right expert for one-on-one consultations or invite you to some of our educational events.

I’m looking for funding

Racking your brains trying to find money for your business? Looking for an investor, money for a prototype, or support to start up or develop your business? We can help! We know a thing or two about investments and loans and can offer you some good advice on selected grant programs as well.

I’d like to get connected

Both the region and local businessmen need a functional ecosystem to grow. Our task is to introduce, interconnect and open various doors for them. We've been building the JIC+ businessmen community for our clients, and we've been creating a safe environment for them to share their experience and support each other.

I’m looking for a place for my company

Our three buildings provide ideal spaces for your company as well as an inspiring environment full of enterprising people. Coworking, offices, labs, meeting rooms as well as lecture halls – we have it all! The in-house bistro is a great place to grab lunch or coffee, and makers can take full advantage of our FabLab digital workshop.

What else can you get from us?

Personal guide to JIC

Each client is important to us. Their success means success for us and the entire region, as well. That's why a dedicated member of our staff will introduce you to all of our services and develop a plan that fits your specific situation.

Our experts

Successful businessmen, top managers, certified coaches as well as experienced consultants – these are our experts. We'll select the one best suited for guiding you through your situation. No matter what your challenge is, our experts will ensure that you are equipped to handle it!

JIC+ community of businessmen

We are on friendly terms with our clients. Our task is to build up a safe environment for everybody to support each other, share their experience, and establish new partnerships. A strong and functional ecosystem is absolutely critical for businesses to develop. We hold both educational and networking events for the JIC+ business community, and show them new options to develop their businesses.