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Connection with startups

Looking for an innovative solution for your business? Maybe one of JIC's clients is working on it.
Innovative solutions for entrepreneurs
Innovative solutions for entrepreneurs
Among JIC's clients you can find suppliers or potential partners.
350+ entrepreneurs in JIC+
350+ entrepreneurs in JIC+
The JIC+ community is a place where you can build business partnerships with other members.
Looking for partners?
Looking for partners?
In the JIC community, you'll find business partners and entrepreneurs facing the same challenges as you.
Lucie Kanioková
Our clients' innovative solutions help corporations stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Lucie Kanioková
Matching Corporates & High tech Scale-ups

How does it work?


Fill out the questionnaire below with a brief description of your business and the solution you are looking for.


Our colleague Lucie Kanioková will contact you and arrange a meeting to get to know your situation and find out how best to support you.


If there is someone among our clients who would be a suitable partner for you, we will connect you and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

What projects have been created as a result of the connection?

Marek Polčák - CEO Vrgineers Partners, s.r.o.
Our cooperation with E.ON started thanks to JIC. Its people recognized the capabilities of our XTAL virtual reality technology and connected us with the company's innovation department, which is in charge of finding innovative solutions.
Marek Polčák
CEO Vrgineers Partners, s.r.o.

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