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Connection with corporations

Are you a startup and believe that your product can be interesting for corporations? We can open doors to large corporations by introducing them to selected companies from our clients and their products.

By connecting with corporations, you can get

  • new business opportunities
  • access to foreign markets
  • technological know-how
  • references from major customers (Proof of Concept)
  • useful contacts
Lucie Kanioková
Connecting corporations or medium-sized companies with startups is mutually beneficial - and from these partnerships a cohesive innovation ecosystem is born.
Lucie Kanioková
Matching Corporates & High tech Scale-ups

Matching action JIC 120 seconds

The unique networking format promotes collaboration between technology companies with each other and with invited corporations.
  • Company representatives have 120 seconds to present their product and company at a round table
  • at least one multinational corporation at each event
  • each tour focuses on a different sector - energy, space, health...
  • the event is held several times a year

Customized Matching

Corporations value us also because we are able to select companies with interesting and innovative products for them. This significantly helps to accelerate their development.
  • We open doors to new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies
  • We prepare you well for a meeting with a corporation
  • We guide you through contracts, business model, NDAs, pricing
If you are interested in connecting, fill out the questionnaire below and our matcher Lucie Kanioková will get back to you.

Our clients' experience

Marek Polčák - CEO Vrgineers Partners, s.r.o.
Our cooperation with E.ON started thanks to JIC. Its people recognized the capabilities of our XTAL virtual reality technology and connected us with the company's innovation department, which is in charge of finding innovative solutions.
Marek Polčák
CEO Vrgineers Partners, s.r.o.

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