Funding your business:
we’ll show you how to do it right


Starting your own business? Or maybe you need a new boost for your well-established company? Money is important for that. A grant? A loan? An investor? We’ll help you find the best way to get funding for your specific situation.

How can we support you?

Investment funding

Looking for an investor for your company to share your success and support you when times get hard? We'll connect you with them! We've been in touch with most of them for a long time and trust each other. And we can even invest into selected companies thanks to our own JIC Ventures fund!

Grant funding

We keep a close eye on grant programs that can help your business develop; the EIC Accelerator can cover the costs of finalizing the development of your product, and Eureka / Eurostars, similarly to Horizon 2020, can support your cooperation with a foreign partner. Together, we'll choose the right program for your purpose or we'll recommend some of our own activities, such as the Prototype and Verify (Prototypuj a ověřuj) program, ESA BIC Brno, Brno Creative Vouchers or the Business Ideas Competition (Soutěž podnikatelských nápadů).

Are you interested in more information?

Please contact me for more details. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have on funding opportunities.

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