We empower entrepreneurs on their path to success


Are you only starting your business or already running a well-established company? We'll empower you! We show students what doing business is about. People with a desire to do business rely on us when taking their very first steps. And well-established companies turn to our experts for guidance with company development, funding, as well as international expansion and sales. We also offer educational events and individual consultations.

Consultations with accredited experts

Entrepreneurial skill development

Consultations with experts

Do you have your own product or service? And do you believe it can become successful in the world? That makes sense! And we'll support you. We have our own consultants for new entrepreneurs, while more advanced businessmen can benefit from experienced experts from all over our country. First, though, we'll discuss your situation, and then we'll find the right way to handle it, together. We'll be beside you on your journey into the unknown.

I’m starting my own business

Do you have an idea that can make others' lives easier, but aren't sure whether to start working on it fully yet? Let us know! We'll help you find answers to your questions about business and life in general. Our consultants can spend up to 18 hours with you and will focus on whether to start up your company, and how.

I’ve started my own business

Already started your business and feel it's time to give it what it really needs? Ready to shift gears and step on the pedal? It'll be easier with our consultants watching your back. Together, we'll find the right direction to help your company become successful. And your success is what makes our job enjoyable and meaningful.

My company is facing a challenge

Do you run a well-established company and feel that the time has come for a big change? To expand abroad, adjust your business plan, get your operations in better order or to innovate a product? We'll recommend the right expert and together you'll go through your options and may even discover one that you hadn't thought of.

Are you interested in more information?

Please contact me for more details. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have on funding opportunities.


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Education and developing entrepreneurial skills

We organize events and competitions and cooperate with many universities. Each of us holds the keys to our own fates. We provide an opportunity to make your business happen; motivating, inspiring, supporting, and interconnecting. Choose one of our activities to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.


What are my talents, what's marketing about, and how can I come up with the right USP? That's what we discuss with high school and university students. We organize regular educational events, competitions, and summer schools for them, and we cooperate closely with many universities. Simply put, we want to introduce what doing business is all about. #student inspires as well as brings together young people who'd like to take their future into their own hands.


To establish an online shop, develop an app, or come up with the next Facebook. Are you tempted to do business but not sure what the right thing for you may be? The #startuji series of events will give you advice on how to find the right answers.


Do you have a business idea but don't know where to start? In our premium multi-day #chcipodnikat course, we'll show you what a lean canvas is, the importance of a well-worded Value Proposition, and the difference between primary and secondary market research.


When you start doing business, it's good to discuss your idea with experienced entrepreneurs, as they can provide honest insights on what to focus on, what to leave out, and what to change. Apply for #mámnápad with your product, try out your pitch, and gain valuable feedback from experienced businessmen.


Leaders already successful in business as well as top professionals in the areas a successful business requires, such as company management, personal development, and marketing. These are the people we often meet with at events, as they inspire other, already experienced entrepreneurs. 


Join us on a journey into the unknown. The land of surprising ideas full of successful innovators, entrepreneurial spirits, and determined businessmen. In her JICtalk podcast, our colleague Hanka Šudáková introduces personalities who have found the meaning for their lives in doing business.

Mentor hours for new entrepreneurs

Just starting out and not sure what Step 1 should be? Interested in a specific topic and looking for a truly experienced person to discuss it all with? We offer an hour of our time for free to students and new businessmen.