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Support for entry into foreign markets


EIT Digital is a European platform focused on supporting innovation, education and entrepreneurship in the field of digital technology. JIC is a partner of EIT Digital for the Czech Republic, and helps identify attractive companies and corporations for cooperation with EIT Digital.

EIT supports companies that use digital technology for industrial applications, smart cities, data and infrastructure administration and protection, disease prevention or detection, and the financial sector. The target group is innovative companies that have already been well-established (at least in the domestic market), have a scalable product or service, a potential for fast growth, and that operate in the B2B segment. Another important prerequisite is the necessary capacity to pursue international expansion.

EIT Digital offers support in entering into foreign markets in the form of pilot contracts with significant players who wish to add digital solutions into their product or service portfolios, or in the form of arranging investment ranging from 1 to 10 million EUR.    

Services of EIT Digital 

  • Support in winning customers abroad (Access to Market) – cooperation with 500+ corporations such as Airbus, Bosch, Atos, Thales, Siemens, Philips, SAP, Nokia, Ericsson and others

  • Cooperation in securing investment (Access to Finance) – cooperation with 300+ investors to obtain an investment of 1 to 10 million EUR


  • Individual, tailored service

  • Cooperation with experienced experts in business development  

  • Support in preparing a strategy to enter foreign markets

  • Opportunity to expand into several European countries simultaneously

  • Facilitation of contacts with key persons who have decision-making powers

  • Considerable shortening of the sales cycle

The business developers of EIT Digital work with selected companies for approximately 12 months. At present they have a team 40+ experts from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Hungary and the USA.

Services of EIT Digital for corporations:

  • Access to attractive technology from European start-ups with validated solutions from the portfolio of EIT Digital – support is given to approximately 30 new companies a year and has been given to more than 270 companies in total

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