We’re an active part of the network
connecting the region’s main actors


Why we do it

When relationships between sectors function properly and everyone’s pulling together, the region flourishes and local people live better lives. Companies prosper, the economy is healthy and knowledge is shared.

How we do it

JIC coordinates the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS JMK), which facilitates communication between academia, the public sector, companies and non-profit organisations. JIC has been carrying out this activity since 2006.

Coordination and facilitation of the innovation strategy is a public service. By supporting the development of necessary infrastructure, building strong relationships, and using help from public institutions, we’ve been creating favourable conditions for living and doing business.

Our task is to take care of the ecosystem. This way we create suitable conditions for competitive knowledge-intensive businesses. How do we do it?

We support high-quality education by bringing the topic of entrepreneurship to schools

By providing direct support for entrepreneurial activities where market failures occur

As part of the initiative #brnoregion, we’ve been developing the brand of the South Moravian Region as a good business address