We’re an active part of the network connecting main players in the region


Why we do it

When relations among sectors are healthy and everybody pulls together, the region grows and becomes a better place to live in. Companies thrive, its economy strengthens, and knowledge flows openly.

How we do it

JIC coordinates the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS JMK), which helps the academic sector, public sector, companies, and non-profit organizations to communicate with each other.

Coordination and facilitation of the innovation strategy is a public service. Through supporting the establishment of necessary infrastructure, building strong relations and with the help of public institutions, we build conditions favourable for life and business.

Our task is to take care of the ecosystem to create suitable conditions for competitive, knowledge-intensive business. How do we do it?

We support quality education by bringing the spirit of enterprise into schools.

Through direct support of entrepreneurial activities where the market fails.

As part of our #brnoregion initiative, we've been building the brand for the South Moravian Region as the right address for innovative business, research, and development.