We’ll connect you with other companies


Doing business is mostly about having good contacts! That's why we connect our clients with each other, pave their way toward Czech and foreign contacts, and introduce their work and ideas to global corporations.

International expansion

We facilitate connections to potential business and research partners through our membership in several international networks. We are part of the Enterprise Europe Networkthe world's largest support network for SMEs funded by the EU. We are active member of the European Business & Innovation Centre Network. We connect businesses and corporations to EIT Digital, as we are its official partner for the Czech Republic. We are partner of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre network, for which we are looking for innovative startups in our region. In adition, we have access to international information databases Kompass and Frost and Sullivan, which can make your expansion significantly easier.

JIC+ community

We're on friendly terms with our clients. Our goal is to build a safe environment for everybody to support each other, share their experience, and establish new partnerships. A strong and well-working ecosystem is critical for the development of business. For the JIC+ community of businessmen, we organize educational as well as networking events and show them new options suitable for developing their businesses.

Cooperation with corporations

E.ON, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, and other big corporations – would you like to work with them, too? We can open the right door for you, as these are the companies that we regularly introduce to selected companies and products from our portfolio. If you fit into their plans, you'll have easier access to the technology know-how, contacts, and business opportunities to put you on the fast track to expanding abroad, if you choose.

Interconnecting creative people and companies

Together with the city of Brno, we've been active supporters of cooperation between creative people and other companies. Brno was the first city in the Czech Republic to implement small grants and has supported 228 companies with a total of 21 million CZK through Creative vouchers. And we're in charge of the entire program!

Are you interested in more information?

Please contact me for more details. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have on funding opportunities.


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The #brnoregion hashtag we've been looking after is a big help for companies from our region who would like to expand. We provide them with promotional materials, photos, and printed materials – basically everything they need to present South Moravia as the right address (and a true home) for people who'd like to change the world.


FabLab Brno is the biggest public digital workshop in the Czech Republic. We've built it for those who don't find what they need in regular shops. If they want to create their own prototype, they can use our laser cutter, plotter, CNC milling machine, and much more.