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We work with the most successful companies in the region! We support their rapid growth, provide them with top experts for flash consultations, create a space for sharing experiences, for example in the field of expansion, and connect them with other talented people from the startup world.

Who are the startup champions?

  • Companies with experienced management with a turnover above 150 mil. CZK or investment over 1 million dollars 
  • Fast-growing invested companies 
  • Globally successful companies for which the region is home

When you need advice

Consultation flashes with experts

Don't be alone! Need a quick consultation on a specific business topic with someone you can rely on? We will arrange a lightning consultation for you!

Guidance (founders-to-founders)

Need a senior partner to pass on experience? We put senior consultants - successful entrepreneurs and C-level professionals - at your fingertips. You'll meet with them regularly to solve business challenges.

Sharing of experiences

Especially for founders and CEOs, we create a safe space where they can exchange their experiences - with investments, expansion or people management. The regular experience sharing format and community Slack ensures they get valuable and honest information.

Build a Challenging or Advisory Board

How about regular and honest feedback from experienced entrepreneurs or perhaps bank investors? We'll put together a board of seasoned industry insiders who will give you their opinion without hesitation.

When you need to connect

We will introduce you to partners at home and abroad, find talent for your company with us and we can open doors to global corporations. And we can support your expansion into the USA, for example, through a verified contact.

Pass your experience on

We are building a community of startups and innovators in South Moravia. We pride ourselves on mutual trust and a safe environment in which we can share experiences with each other. And you can be among them.


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