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Innovation ecosystem #brnoregion

David Uhlíř
Connecting and collaborating between different actors in the region can create new opportunities for business and innovation in the public sector. For 20 years we have been trying to create an environment in South Moravia for the emergence of such mutually beneficial contacts, collaborations, new projects and initiatives.
David Uhlíř
Regional Innovation Strategy Manager

RIS Vision

An open and confident company that fosters an innovative environment that is a joy to do business, work and live in. This is the shared vision of scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, politicians, managers - all those who contribute to the development of the region and who make up the innovation ecosystem.  
Shared joy is double joy
Shared joy is double joy
We are all part of the #brnoregion innovation ecosystem. Together we can develop it and become a dynamic innovation hub of European stature.
Impacts are visible
Impacts are visible
Thanks to targeted regional ecosystem building, local technology entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy are thriving best in the Czech Republic.

Why is it necessary to build innovative Ecosystem

How to imagine an innovation ecosystem?

Companies, research organisations, public institutions, politicians - all of them together create the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation. The better the quality of work and the stronger the relationships, the better the space for innovation.

How to get involved?

  • Connect with the ecosystem at Velvet Innovation meetups connecting public administration, startups, investors, creatives and talented students.
  • Follow what's happening in the ecosystem on the #brnoregion website, use the materials in the toolbox and contribute to it yourself if you wish.
  • Within the framework of the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS), we have been running Innovation Platforms (IP entrepreneurship, IP corporations and IP popularisation of science) for a long time. If you would like to get more involved in these topics, please contact the RIS Manager.

Regional Innovation Strategy

The Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) is the basic concept of the South Moravian Region and the City of Brno for the development of economic competitiveness and value creation through innovation. It is addressed to all actors in the innovation ecosystem who are interested in contributing to the growth of the standard of living in the region.

RIS JMK has been supporting the development of innovations in the region for 20 years.The implementation and management of "RISka" involves not only Brno, the South Moravian Region and JIC, but also the management of universities and other institutions as well as representatives of the largest companies and technology clusters.