JIC cowork

It is here for entrepreneurial students and all budding startups who are looking for the perfect working environment, great conditions for starting a business and partners for collaboration. And for little money.

Become part of the startup community of aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow in the footsteps of other successful startups from #brnoregion. Be like Kiwi.com or Y Soft! What will you find here? Inspiring, stylish and state-of-the-art spaces. You'll enjoy regular startup events and fall in love with the Kancl Bistro. You'll feel right at home here. Launch your startup at JIC in the coworking space.

Who's the cowork for?

  • for startups from South Moravia with their own product or service
    for founders of university spinoffs looking for a space outside academia
    for students with a business idea who appreciate our network and good advice

What it looks like in cowork

How to apply?


Fill out the form and give us a few days


We'll go through your application and get back to you


I'll see you there! If it works out, you've got a place in cowork.



What can you find here?

  • a background to work in a supercharged environment full of startup companies and student projects
  • an inspiring place where it's alive and well, but you also have the peace of mind to work
  • an open space where you can set up your focus zone at any time
  • a community full of ideas where you can develop your potential
  • a professional network to give you courage and maybe even experience

Cowork pricing


500,- CZK without VAT (605,- VAT)
Entrance on weekdays 8.00 - 17.00


1500,- CZK without VAT (1815,- VAT)
Entrance on weekdays 8.00 - 17.00


3000,- CZK without VAT (3630,- VAT)
Unlimited access 24/7


5000,- CZK without VAT (6050,- VAT)
1-5 people
Unlimited access 24/7

Do you have any questions about cowork?

I will be happy to answer your questions via email or phone.