Circle of experience: Expansion to the US market

Connect with like-minded founders and marketing experts to share experience in global marketing. Dive into the specifics of international expansion strategies from marketing experts and your peer companies from the Brno region and Vienna. Grow your network with a workshop organised by JIC as a part of the Vienna UP festival.  

Main topics of the event  

  • Readiness plan for the international expansion  
  • Global marketing strategy development and timing  
  • Choosing the proper growth channels and tactics  
  • Differencies between Central European and US culture and talent management  
  • At the end of this workshop, three participating startups will get a chance to practise their elevator pitch in front of a group of American marketing students.  

Who is the event suited for?  

Fast-growing B2B startups and scaleups from the CEE region, with ambitions for global marketing and expansion into the US market. 


  • Intro: speed dating networking. Each participant gets to introduce themselves and their project in a 2-minute presentation.  
  • Keynote: Global marketing trends by Sandra Kumorowski  
  • Keynote: What are the biggest challenges of startup marketers from the CEE region? by Jenda Perla 
  • Facilitated group sharing of participants' experiences 

How to register?  

Click on the I'm interested in the event button, fill in your details and register. You have until May 15 to register for the event. We will select the final line-up of event participants from the applications. You will find out whether you are among them by May 22 via e-mail. 

Event capacity  

20 active participants + unlimited number of listeners up to the capacity of the space  


Sandra Kumorowski
Sandra Kumorowski
Marketing Strategist, Researcher & Educator
Jenda Perla
Jenda Perla


This event is part of the ViennaUP festival

Basic information
Date, time
3. 6. 2024 14.00–17.00
Startup House, Stella-Klein-Löw-Weg 8, 1020 Vienna, Austria
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