Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Industry – An Easier Path to EC Funding

Are you looking for funding for a project in the semiconductor industry or its supply chain? Do you need to get an overview of the opportunities in Europe? Are you interested in semiconductors, microchips or electron microscopy trends and opportunities? Then, attend this expert seminar featuring semiconductor and international finance professionals.

Main topics of the event

  • Chips Joint Undertaking (previous Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking)
  • Challenges for Sustainable/Responsible (Micronano) Electronics under European Innovation Council
  • Topics under Horizon Europe, cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space
  • Topics under Digital Europe 

Who is the event suitable for?

  • Czech Academic Circles: Ideal for researchers, educators, and students in academia who are looking to explore cutting-edge developments and funding opportunities in electronics and sustainability.
  • Industry Professionals: A must-attend for professionals from various sectors of the electronics industry, keen on gaining insights into the latest R&D trends and funding avenues.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Tailored for SMEs seeking to innovate and expand their technological horizons in electronics, with a focus on performance and environmental sustainability.
  • Start-ups: Perfect for start-up founders and teams aspiring to disrupt the electronics sector with novel ideas and sustainable solutions, while exploring funding opportunities.
  • R&D Innovators: For those who are at the forefront of research and development in electronics, eager to delve into new possibilities for creating more efficient and eco-friendly technologies.


  • 8.30–9.00 | Registration of participants

  • 9.00–9.05 | Welcome: Jana Drbohlavová, JIC

  • 9.05–9.10 | Introduction of Czech National Semiconductor cluster by Stanislav Černý

  • 9.10–9.50 | Chips JU work programme: Yves Gigase (Programme Director of Chips JU) and Michal Vávra (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

  • 9.50–10.10 | Funding opportunities in Horizon Europe – European Innovation Council: Michaela Vlková (Technology Centre Prague)

  • 10.10–10.30 | Funding opportunities in Horizon Europe – Clusters: Lenka Švejcarová (Technology Centre Prague)

  • 10.30–10.45 | Funding opportunities in Digital Europe: Lenka Škrábalová (Ministry of Industry and Trade) 

  • 10.45–11.00 | Coffee break

  • 11.00–11.30 | Success stories

  • 11.30–13.00 | Round tables for individual topics under each work programme.


Speakers and Guests

Yves Gigase
Yves Gigase
Programme Director of Chips Joint Undertaking
Samira Nik
Samira Nik
EIC Programme Manager for Quantum Tech and Electronics
Stanislav Černý
Stanislav Černý
President at the Czech National Semiconductor Cluster, CEO of Smarter Instruments.
Michal Vávra
Michal Vávra
Officer at Department of Research and Development at Ministry of Education, Prague, Czech Republic
Lenka Švejcarová
Lenka Švejcarová
National contact point for Horizon Europe research and innovation programme at the Technology Centre Prague
Michaela Vlková
Michaela Vlková
National contact for the Horizon Europe´s European Innovation Council instruments at the Technology Centre Prague
Lenka Škrábalová
Lenka Škrábalová
Head of Digital Economy and Society Unit at Deparment of Digital Economy and Smart Specialisation at Ministry of Industry and Trade
Pavel Václavek
Pavel Václavek
Professor, Research group leader at CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology, Brno University of Technology
Karel Masařík
Karel Masařík
Je cofounderem a CEO brněnského Codasipu a mimo jiné také členem Technical Steering Committee mezinárodní organizace RISC-V International.

How to register for the event?

Click on the I'm interested (Mám zájem o akci) in the event button, fill in your details and log in.

Supported by the EU

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Základní informace
Datum, čas
12. 12. 2023 08.30–13.00
Místo konání
KUMST Údolní 495/19, Brno-střed, 602 00
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