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Do you have a small or medium-sized company with its own product and headquarters in South Moravia? Have you decided to conquer foreign markets with it? We will put you in the hands of a top business expert with whom you can meet this challenge. We will help you find an investor or grant, suggest a board of experienced entrepreneurs, connect you to the right people from corporations and smaller companies. And we'll invite you to join the JIC+ startup community.

Who are we here for? 

  • We are looking for companies from South Moravia with their own product.
  • We work with people who have the drive and desire to succeed in global markets.
  • We are interested in small and medium sized companies from ICT, deep tech, high tech, biotech with their own product, but also companies from the world of creative industries, game studios, university spinoffs, just anyone with innovation in their DNA.

When you need advice

Consult with our experts

Do you have an up-and-coming business and are facing an important decision? We can recommend the right expert who has successfully faced a similar challenge. Together we can do it!
How much does it cost?
  • First consulting activity: 600 CZK / hour (20% of the real price of 3000 CZK, 80% de minimis support)
  • Second and further consulting activity: 1200 CZK / hour (40% of the real price of 3000 CZK, 60% de minimis support)




Set up a Challenging or Advisory Board

How about regular and honest feedback? We'll put together a board of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry insiders who will give you their opinion without hesitation.

Consultation flash

Don't be alone! Need a quick consultation on a specific business topic with someone you can rely on? We will arrange a lightning consultation for you!

Take an experienced partner

Scaleups can get their hands on senior consultants from us. They are experienced business partners - successful entrepreneurs and C-level professionals who you will meet several times a week.

How much does it cost?
  • Fresh scaleups with a negative economic result for the time being: 600 CZK / hour (20% of the real price of 3000 CZK, 80% de minimis support)
  • Scaleups in profit: 1200 CZK / hour (40% of the real price of 3000 CZK, 60% de minimis support)

When you are looking for finance

Find a suitable investor

Are you looking for an investor for your company who will share the joy of success and support you even in difficult times? We will recommend the perfect match and prepare you for your investor pitch!

Use the right grant

A grant can accelerate your growth! We'll advise you on the best grant for your situation. We'll also guide you through project preparation and application and share some proven tips.

When you need to connect

  • Partner with other entrepreneurs, share experience and know-how, or expand abroad with an international network. We connect you with other startups, investors or corporations.  
  • We can connect you to collaborating corporations, investors, startups, technology partners or international organizations and business partners abroad.
  • We will regularly inform you about upcoming networking opportunities, meetups or international networking events where you can network with us.

When you are looking for spaces

An ideal base for those who want to be close to other startups and get inspiration in the hallways and boardrooms - that's exactly what you'll find in our. Whether you want your own office or a coworking space.
Juraj Šabatka - IDEA StatiCa
JIC will help you get started. But what is more valuable, and what comes later, is the expert consultation and advice. This means that they will review your business plan, go-to-market model, review your development processes and help you improve them.
Juraj Šabatka
IDEA StatiCa

JIC+ Community

350+ entrepreneurs in JIC+

The JIC+ community is a place where you can build business partnerships with other members.

Connecting innovative companies

We support entrepreneurs looking for innovative solutions. We help them gain important contacts and collaborate with companies in the region and abroad.

Shared joy is double joy

We are all part of the #brnoregion innovation ecosystem. Together we can develop it and become a dynamic innovation hub of European stature.


Our events

Sharing of experiences

More heads know more. We are building an entrepreneurial community and creating a safe space where entrepreneurs can meet regularly, support each other and share their experiences.


If you want to go deep in business, come to one of our #doingbusiness events. Several times a year, you can get to know some of our selected business topics in greater detail with our experts and guests.

Velvet Innovation Meetups

Want to know what's driving the world of innovation in #brnoregion and beyond? Looking for interesting collaboration opportunities? That's what you'll find at regular meetups of people who are driving innovation in South Moravia.

120 seconds

Four times a year, we prepare speed dating for technology companies and research organizations, which helps to create new collaborations and projects. Each company has one hundred and twenty seconds to introduce itself.


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