Investing earlier
than other investors dare

Financial support to clients and alumni of JIC programmes, even in the early development stages

We know who we invest in

As we invest only in JIC clients, we are no strangers to the companies and people behind them.

We are open to

We are no soloists. If it makes sense, we are happy to become a co-investor.

We look for
a minority share

We care about the company’s growth. We do not want to hold majority or take over the management.

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Other companies, in which we hold a share

Companies, which were clients of JIC STARCUBE

CTI Software

JIC Starcube

CTI Software connects devices with IoT network. Then the system can call or alert the user in case of extraordinary event or needs through Davos service.


JIC Starcube

Easycon has prototype of affordable and user-friendly interface for each wireless device in smart home.

Esec Solution

JIC Starcube

Estonian project can protect websites that cannot afford administrator guarding safety on a daily basis.

Feem Wifi

JIC Starcube

Project from Cameroon can quickly and securely transfer files between different devices and offers an alternative to the cloud, Bluetooth and other well-known platforms.


JIC Starcube

Fosh is a smart device that's going to change the experience of the skateboarding.

Free Wifi

JIC Starcube

FreeWifi helps clients to build databases with real clients who connect to their Wi-Fi and send targeted  MS/Email campaign by using demographics, behavior and digitized presence filters.

Grizly Security

JIC Starcube

Grizly Security can secure an existing web information systems through a two-step verification.


JIC Starcube

Loyagram is a cloud based, real-time customer experience management & analytics platform which help businesses to capture actionable customer feedback across different touch-points through offline, online and social channels, proactively reducing churn to increase retention & revenue. Loyagram measures customer experience and tracks loyalty.


JIC Starcube

Minority is a workflow management platform with emphasis on automation.

smart capsa

JIC Starcube

Smart capsa teaches your average house, cottage and garden to think for you and converts them to “smart.” 

Smart Toybox

JIC Starcube

Smart Toybox turns cleaning-up toys into a FUN game!


JIC Starcube

Polish application using smart cameras, through which are drivers navigated to reserved parking space.


JIC Starcube

Wavie developed a system that manages the lighting and damping of light by hand gestures. 

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Frequently asked questions


JIC VENTURES is a subsidiary of JIC, which provides venture capital financing to companies in JIC programmes.

Why did we found JIC VENTURES?

JIC VENTURES provides investments of up to tens of thousands of Euros to accelerate growth of technology companies JIC works with. We leverage our long-term cooperation and great relationships with founders and management of the client companies and thus reduce the risks associated with investing into early-stage companies. The profits generated by JIC VENTURES investments are used to support other entrepreneurs and their businesses. The impact of our investments is therefore twofold: they support early-stage businesses by a direct capital injection and they create more resources to back other companies.

Who do JIC VENTURES invest in?

JIC VENTURES invests into current and past clients of JIC ENTER, JIC STARCUBE and JIC MASTER programmes and in specific cases even in clients of JIC PLATINN programme. We invest individually or together with other investors.

How long does the investment process take?

Typically, the process takes about two months. Depending on how difficult it is to assess the investment opportunity, we may be quicker or require some more time.

What is the connection between JIC VENTURES and JIC STARCUBE alumni?

Clients of JIC STARCUBE are required to pay for participation in the programme with a share of their business. If they are interested in raising a financial investment, they need to go through the standard investment process.

Company Identification

  • JIC VENTURES, s.r.o.

    Purkyňova 649/127

    Brno – Medlánky 612 00

    JIC VENTURES is a subsidiary company wholly owned by JIC, registered in the public register of the Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 88454, represented by Ing. Jiří Hudeček, executive director.

  • Billing Information

    IČ 04156293

    DIČ CZ04156293

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