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Sales Manager with technology focus

Místo : Praha   Úvazek : Full-time

We are looking for a Sales VP and Sales Representative with a specific focus on German speaking markets (DACH region), i.e. facilitate german-language communication around sales opportunities, lead the sales team and engage with sales prospects at conferences in DACH countries. The candidate should be able to quickly comprehend technology product details and present our solution and its benefits to a prospective client in an engaging, natural, and easily-comprehensible way. The candidate will be directly involved in the discussion around Neuron soundware innovations that we bring to market using artificial intelligence and internet of things technologies, so that he/she can best present them to the customer when the time comes.

Main activities:

  • Experience with leading a successful business team
  • Capable of devising and executing a sales and marketing strategy plan
  • Will be responsible for setting up and spearheading a sales department inside the company
  • Has the ability to quickly adapt in a rapidly changing environment
  • Is capable of finding out when the project is not going in a right direction and rapidly change and adapt for optimal results. Being able to bounce back.
  • Ideally has experience with selling software to manufacturing/industrial companies
  • German (written and spoken) on a professional level (minimum C1 level)
  • It will be necessary to be based out of and work from Prague

What can we offer you?

  • We respect your time. In NEURON SOUNDWARE you will have no stress about catching up with school, about your free time, or about going to the doctor’s. With us, you can work full-time or part-time… we’ll make it work.
  • Flexible working hours, home office, modern methods of managing projects and people. We are a “hot” startup, and proud of it.
  • There is a great atmosphere in our team. It is because we are a real team. We know each other by name and everyone knows what their colleagues like. We always have fun at work. There are 35 of us.
  • Genius loci. We are located in beautiful offices in the Prague Startup Centre in Holešovická tržnice. It is one minute from a tram stop, five minutes from the metro. Sadly, we do not have a whirlpool. However, what we do have is excellent coffee and a kitchen to cook or heat up food.
  • Personal development. We support and respect our employees’ expertise, the younger learn from the older and if you like what the other team does, we will support you to ensure you can learn from them and take a part in their work.
  • Benefits. Do not expect a corporate cafeteria, a ball-pit, or a massive slide, but we get fresh fruit every day and a company breakfast once every two weeks.
  • Projects. We are getting closer to the future in our branch much faster than our competitors. We are a Startup of the year 2016, Forbes ranked us as the 3rd potential Unicorn and Gartner evaluated us as Cool Vendor.
  • We are working on meaningful projects for big brands. You do not have to leave Prague to be able to change the world.

Neuron soundware

Neuron soundware

Neuron soundware, a Prague-based tech startup, develops a smart system that detects mechanical problems of machines. By recording audio data via sensors and subsequent automatic evaluation by AI algorithms, the system helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns of critical production assets.

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