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Marketing Specialist

Místo : Brno-Královo Pole   Úvazek : Full-time

My name is Mirek and I just started as new VP of Marketing. I am looking for a colleague to help me with building a brand-new marketing team here in Phonexia. During last two years Phonexia has been growing superfast, just organically with no dedicated marketing staff. Mission of Marketing team is to support Phonexia growth even for the future years. On this exciting endeavor we are going to build marketing from scratch and we have free hands to try new things, measure them, and improve what will work while forsake what will not. We will run lead generation campaigns and we will do activities to support Phonexia brand. Especially in the beginning we might be changing our direction quite often. In a nutshell we are looking for a candidate who is passionate about trying new things, is willing to learn and is flexible.


What would definitely help me:


  • Practical experience with some form of lead generation or user acquisition campaigns.
  • Practical experience with either PPC, or SEO, or InBound/content marketing.
  • Open to new things and passionate about technologies and marketing.
  • Fluent spoken English and representative written English.  



What would be even better:


  • Experience with web design or web development.
  • Experience with events organizing.  
  • Knowledge of Google analytics or other web analytics.
  • Experience with conversion optimization. 




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