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IT Consultant - Phonexia voice biometry

Místo : Brno-Královo Pole   Úvazek : Full-time

Have you ever wondered how contact centers keep track of 100% of their enormous numbers of phone calls and analyze them automatically? How talking to your phone, TV and other gadgets operates? How technologies used by police forces in tv series works?

We have an answer.


  • develop world’s state of the art technologies in voice biometry with the support of top Czech experts
  • help our clients and partners to increase the volume of information they gather from each and every voice interaction with their customers 
  • solve interesting issues in the fields of voice biometrics, speech analytics, machine learning and big data processing
  • interact with customers worldwide and broaden our business portfolio
  • are small easy-going team, a group of 40 friendly technology enthusiasts, the guys from Brno with foreign colleagues, no strangers to nerdy jokes
  • have 10+ years of experience in automatic speech processing
  • are origin Czech - Central European company, based in city of Brno, near Faculty of Information University of Technology
  • offer possibility and free space for self-realization and personal development





  • will provide expert-consultations to clients, communicate with clients’ technical experts as well as with CEOs, analyze their tasks, support them
  • will train our partners, clients from Brno or abroad – interesting business trips or vacation are on schedule from time to time
  • organize Proof of Concept for direct business opportunities
  • evaluate and establish project specification for particular opportunities
  • discuss future software features with our team of software developers
  • are fluent English speaker able to handle business and technical discussions
  • have IT background overview, keen to acquire desired knowledge
  • are enthusiastic guy or girl (gentleman or lady) and fit with our company culture and team spirit
  • will become (with our support) a key expert managing both business and technical aspects related to deployment of speech analytics


Interested in joining us? We are looking forward to meeting you.



Ve Phonexii čteme mezi řádky, a to přímo z lidského hlasu.

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