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International Sales Manager

Místo : Brno   Úvazek : Full-time

Are you ready to fill the hole in the jigsaw puzzle of our enthusiastic start-up team? We are looking for somebody who knows how to sell our unique product on international markets, a person that is passionate about helping us to develop a business strategy and distribution network.


NenoVision s.r.o.  is a successful Brno, Czech Republic-based microscopy start-up company that won the Gold Innovation Medal at the International Engineering Fair in Brno in 2016. Its LiteScopeTM is a state-of-the-art microscope that has gained reputation in research into microchips, solar cells, memory devices, microelectromechanical systems, and nanotechnology.


What you need to be able to do:

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with clients as well as with other members of our team,
  • Convince others, negotiate, and be self-confident,
  • Plan business activities efficiently and bring them to a successful end,
  • Lead a small business and marketing team as soon as it is established,
  • Work in a systematic, organized, and methodical way,
  • Have very good command of spoken and written English.


What you should achieve in the first three months:

  • Become familiar with our product and its unique characteristics and range of applications,
  • Establish communication with our existing network of distributors and clients,
  • Get an overview of the scope of our current business activities,
  • Start to cooperate, in a productive way, with our application, construction, and marketing departments.


What you will be asked to do in the first year in NenoVision:

  • Maintain and develop, in a pro-active way, long-term relationships with our key sales partners,
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate our business activities,
  • Build and sustain an effective network of distributors,
  • Create, update, and recapitulate our business strategy,
  • Set and monitor criteria based on which our distributors are evaluated,
  • Compile work reports for colleagues.


What experience and knowledge will come in handy?

Experience performing scientific instrument-related business activities on international markets is a great advantage.


Looking to work for a small company which is growing at a rapid pace and is still in the making? Enthusiastic about contributing to our growth? If you fulfil our criteria, do not hesitate to send your cover letter and CV by Oct 31, 2019.



Jsme úspěšný brněnský start-up v oblasti mikroskopie, který získal řadu prestižních ocenění. Zabýváme se vývojem hi-tech vědeckých zařízení a přinášíme na trh inovativní technologie v oblasti korelativní mikroskopie.

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