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Místo : Plzeň   Úvazek : Full-time, Part-time

What you will do

  • Participate in research projects for international (big-brand) companies.
  • Participate in development and implementation of text-processing pipelines (all in Java).
  • Adapt machine learning and NLP algorithms for new use cases.
  • Quickly learn new techniques and technologies required for our solutions.

What we expect from you

  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language.
  • Experience with IDE Eclipse/IntelliJ and Maven.
  • Technical background (statistical/mathematical/computer science).
  • Willingness and commitment to learning to use new techniques and technologies.
  • A very proactive approach to problem solving.
  • Good communicator and team player.
  • English language.

A big plus

  • Experience with machine learning and NLP.

Why join us

  • Motivating salary.
  • Well-earned rest. You will have 5 weeks of holidays per year. We will make sure you don't get burn out by constantly working overtime.
  • Informal and friendly team. We are not a corporation with hundreds of unknown faces. We are just friends who work together.
  • Our team is highly-skilled at NLP and machine learning technologies. We are more than willing to help you develop new skills and learn new things.
  • Possibility to participate in projects for big-brand companies.
  • Chance to compete in company-run leisure events: like ping-pong, chess, and Counter-Strike tournaments.




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