The biggest challenge to aspiring entrepreneurs is not succumbing to initial feelings of uncertainty, doubt and fear of failure.

There are many people in Europe who have great ideas and would like set up their own business. Only 6% of them carry out this idea. In the USA, this is 13%. It is estimated that if the European Union were developing new businesses like in the United States or in Sweden, 1.5 million jobs would be created. In addition, only 2% of businesses in the EU take full advantage of modern digital technology.

Therefore, the European Commission together with Deloitte Belgium, DIGITALEUROPE and EBN decided to create the Watify project, which helps to find the right answers and overcome all sorts of doubts, even those concerning the introduction of digitalisation in companies.

Watify offers inspiration, important advice, practical support and the possibility of realising opportunities for further growth and innovation.

Watify is a platform which will help you with the first steps in the world of digital business.

One of the companies which successfully uses modern technology is ŠKODA AUTO. Virtual operation has been effective in reducing risks, improving manufacturing processes and increasing safety in the workplace.

To worry is normal and actually useful. Fears lead to questions, and questions to answers, which can be a source of further ideas. However, in the end the most important thing is not to be afraid and just start.

The full press release about the Watify project - fostering Digital Entrepreneurship, can be found here. Also, don’t miss the interview with Petr Ryšávka, the founder of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, a company dedicated to developing and producing probiotics.

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