JIC VOUCHER for researchers

Apply the results of your research in practise and gain new contacts

Help businesses solve practical problems and participate in innovation. Gain contacts and the possibility of long-term cooperation through the JIC VOUCHER.

Further information

How does it work?

When you interest a company from South Moravia which wants to use a JIC VOUCHER with you, you must first jointly prepare an offer of knowledge.

Offer of knowledge

  • The offer can also contain other items, if your internal rules require it.
  • Offers of knowledge must not exceed 4 standard pages of A4.

Download offer examples (CZ) Download offer examples (ENG)

Download the project manual JIC VOUCHER (PDF) And read the details undisturbed

Conditions for research organisations

Don't wait for a firm to approach you – offer them cooperation yourself

If you know of a company in the South Moravia region which could use your research, contact them and help obtain the subsidy.

In case the company applies in 2015, your projects must be implemented by 30th June 2016.


Frequently asked questions


It is a tool by which the city of Brno and the JIC support cooperation between companies in South Moravia and research organisations. With the help of one-off grants up to the amount of 100,000 crowns it dissolves the boundaries between the corporate and academic environments and increases the competitiveness of the whole region.

Who finances the project?

The project is financed by Statutory City of Brno and is derived from the Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravia.

What determines the value of the JIC VOUCHER?

It is determined by the contract value. A JIC VOUCHER covers 75 % of the total cost, up to a maximum of 100,000 crowns. If the company has used a voucher in the past, it covers 50 %.

What can a company use a JIC VOUCHER for?

A grant can be used to buy new and not widely used knowledge which can help a company move forward. For example:

  • Development of a product, process or service
  • Testing and measuring, feasibility studies
  • Access to research facilities
  • Designing prototypes, product design
  • Analysis of suitability of used materials
  • Technology audit
  • Optimisation of the operational processes in a company

Is there something which you cannot use a JIC VOUCHER for?

JIC VOUCHER is used for cooperation between entrepreneurs and researchers. Companies cannot use it for the following activities:

  • Standard training and education courses
  • Purchase of software or materials
  • Promotional materials, production services, Web design
  • Services such as financial auditing, accounting, sales activities
  • Legal services, subsidy counselling
  • Internships for students

Which research organisations can be involved in the project?

This year, for the first time, organisations outside South Moravia region can be involved.  There are only two criteria – Czech organisations must be on the list of research organisations approved by the Research, Development and Innovation Council, and must have at least 1,500 points for the year 2013. These points are counted together for the whole organisation, so for example a university will add up the points for each department. Foreign organisations must be found in the Scimago Institutions Rankings table in the sections “Government”, “Health”, “Higher Education” or “Others”. The JIC VOUCHER is not applicable to the newly listed section “Private”.

How much time do we have to implement the project?

Cooperation with companies must be completed by 30th June 2016. This is also the latest date for submission of applications for reimbursement of a JIC VOUCHER.

How do you choose who gets a JIC VOUCHER?

In the first round the a committee of experts checks the formal and substantive requirements of all applications and can immediately grant a voucher for up to 3 extremely high-quality applications. The second round is a draw in which all formally correct recipients are submitted. Recipients are therefore determined randomly.

Is a JIC VOUCHER a coupon which can be exchanged for money?

No, it isn't. A voucher is a guarantee that we reimburse the amount that entrepreneurs in compliance with the conditions of the project pay for their cooperation with you.

Examples of offers of knowledge for download

Download proposal examples (CZ) Download proposal examples (ENG)

or Download the project manual JIC VOUCHER (PDF) And read the details undisturbed

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