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Share technology with companies from all around the world

  • Do you have an interesting technology and you are looking for a buyer or distributor?

  • Do you need new technology and are looking for an external supplier?

  • Do you have a great project idea but to complete a successful project application you need to find one or more partners?

  • Do you have an interesting technology that would like to bring to the market, but you need international partners to develop it fully and exploit fully its potential?

We will place your offer or request onto the Merlin database

  • In global databases are offers and requests not only from Europe, but also from Russia, South Korea, Canada and Israel.

  • The formal and qualitative aspects of adverts are checked by a certified organisation.

  • There are currently more than 3,000 active offers and requests in the database and their number is constantly increasing.

  • We can help you modify your advert so that it catches the attention of potentially interested applicants.

  • Only organisations associated with the international network EEN can upload offers/request to the database.

  • Ordinary users can search in the publicly accessible parts of the database for suitable offers and requests.

View the Merlin database

If you would like to respond or uploaded an advertisement to database

  1. 1

    Contact us

  2. 2

    We prepare the advert together

  3. 3

    We put the offer on the database

  4. 4

    We connect you with potential

  1. We search the database looking for interesting offers

  2. Contact us

  3. We connect you with the writer of the advert

You can search for everything in the Merlin database, but request and offers can only be uploaded by members of the international network EEN – the JIC, for example.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Merlin database?

The Merlin database functions as an international market for technologies, where members of the international network EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) can place offers and requests. However, you can browse posts and in the case of interest, turn to us – we will arrange contact for you.

What can technology cooperation help me with?

If you want to sell your technology, you can find a buyer or distributor in the Merlin database. Conversely, if you are looking for new technology for your business, you have a big chance of finding something. If you don't, together we can upload a request to the database.

How should I proceed if I want to offer my technology?

Contact us and together we will prepare an offer, which we will upload to the Merlin database. If an applicant makes contact, we will immediately connect you with him.

How should I proceed if I come across an interesting advert on the Merlin database?

Contact us and we will connect you with its author.


Why can’t I personally upload requests and offers to the database?

Only members of the international network EEN, which number about 600, can contribute to the database for reasons of the high demand placed on the quality and relevance of the contributions. Each advert goes through quality control and formal correction.

What are the chances that I will find what I’m looking for on the database?

Relatively high. The database contains more than 3,000 offers from around the world with still more being added. Small and medium-sized technology companies and research organisations, not only from Europe, but also South Korea, Canada, Russia and Israel advertise here.

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