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“The JIC STARCUBE programme provided us with fully equipped facilities for working and great mentors. They helped us to find our niche market and together we set up a business model so that our technology could fill the gap.”

Abdullah Lababidi

Co-founder Braci

Abdullah Lababidi is an engineer from Jordan, who, in 2012, decided to solve the problem of getting up in the morning. Together with his team, he created the Dancing Pillow – a beeping, flashing, vibrating pillow which can force anybody out of bed.  

This slightly crazy pillow quickly became a hit and its creators appeared as guests at the JIC STARCUBE Show 2012 event. There, they received a lot of feedback and realised that the technology could help a much broader group of people.

From a joke to improving the standard of living for the deaf

The combination of vibration and light can not only alert you to the fact that it’s time to get up, but also warn you of a fire alarm or even an approaching ambulance. Such warnings are especially appreciated by people who have impaired hearing. The team therefore came up with a new product – a mobile application and smart bracelet which alert the wearer to surrounding sounds.

A year after guesting at the JIC STARCUBE Show they appeared again on JIC soil – this time as participants in the JIC STARCUBE accelerator. After 3 months of development the Braci bracelet was presented at the JIC STARCUBE Show 2013 where it was awarded with 3rd place. The technology was then offered to the Czech Hearing Impaired Association for testing.

The application gives an image of the sound

The Braci project was successful at the Startup Sauna in Helsinki and gained an injection of funds totalling 40 thousand Euros. Today, the application recognises thousands of sounds from the surrounding environment.  

Accompanied by vibrations and flashing, the sound is then displayed in the form of an icon on a smart phone or watch. In addition it is possible to record your own sounds, such as the doorbell or a crying child.

The application is currently in the phase of beta testing and has been reported on by the British newspaper, The Guardian.


success rate in recognition of sounds according to tests conducted by Samsung

150 000 $

the amount Braci has received so far from investors

600 million+

people around the world have hearing problems

The Braci company develops the similarly named application, which distinguishes surrounding sounds and alerts the wearer via vibrations, flashing lights and the projection of an image in the form of an icon on the display of a smart phone. The system is compatible with Samsung smart phones and Pebble smart watches.

The main advantage over competitors is its portability (just a smart phone and a light bracelet) and its quick response system. People with impaired hearing now only need one application for staying safe at home or outdoors, a smart ear which they can carry with them at all times.

The Braci team has achieved a lot of success with the application, among the most important being achieving 3rd place in the JIC STARCUBE Show and being placed among the TOP 5 projects at the Startup Sauna in Helsinki. Currently, Braci is based at the Oxygen Accelerator in Wolverhampton (UK).