You can not apply to JIC STARCUBE now, but soon there will be new run in Spring. Give us your e-mail and we‘ll get in touch straight away when we reopen the next round of registration.

International startup accelerator JIC STARCUBE

Hardware | Internet of Things | ICT Security

2 months

This is how long you are going to get intense stream of knowledge, experience and develop your ideas.

+ 80 experts

We will introduce you to mentors, professionals and investors which one you simply won’t meet every day.

100k CZK!

Cover your cost of living, so you can fully focus on your project!




Are you not sure about your business strategy or how to enter the market? In JIC we are offering you more than 14 years of experiences!


We have more than 80 mentors! Get a priceless advice from our copywriter or a lawyer.


We will connect you with angel investors and get you the venture capital financing. We will help you with public funding and grants.


Thanks to technological equipment, various partners and many advantages, you can develop your product faster.


Focus fully on your project! Our support will help you with life expenses and development of your project.


Our coworking centre is available 24/7! Take a look on our work place, conference room or relax zone. Have a look.


Registration and selection process

1.9 - 31.10.2017

Up until 31.10 you can continue tweaking your application, the form for which you’ll find on the website: You’ve got over two months before you hand it in – should be enough time, shouldn’t it? 

Technology partners play an active part in selecting applicants onto JIC STARCUBE. Every area of interest therefore gets an appropriate evaluation from experts in the sector. In total, we’ll choose a maximum of 30 teams who will make the short-list.


30.11 - 2.12.2017

Should your team make it onto the short-list of 30, we’ll invite you to a one-day workshop – the JIC STARCUBE Jam, where you will present your project to the organizers and experts. If you manage to convince us, you’ll be invited back as one of the 10 finalists. These teams will pass through the 2-month JIC STARCUBE accelerator and have the chance to get follow-up support for an additional 6 months. 

You can participate in the JIC STARCUBE Jam over Skype. Teams should know, however, that all other aspects of the programme are compulsory.

Adaptation week

8 - 12.1.2018

So that we don’t squander any time during the programme itself, before the official start we’ll need to work with you individually to ensure that all formalities are sorted out. 


15 - 19.1.2018

Is your team among the chosen? Then it’s off to Bootcamp! We’ll introduce you to the precise content of modules and get straight into it. Together, you’ll have workshops and seminars focused on business strategy, mission and vision, methods of financing (investment, bootstrapping etc.) and lean methodology. You can have a go at your first start‑up pitch and get to know the representatives of the technology partners. And if you’re a fan of teambuilding activities, you’ll not be disappointed.


22.1 - 16.3.2018

It’s time for the main JIC STARCUBE programme! Besides concentrating on the actual product, we’ll be going over all sorts of topics – from overall strategy, through finance and leadership, before taking on other subjects like marketing and sales. Gradually, your entire team will get to know mentors, experts and interesting guests, our alumni and investors. 

Each module will take up about 1.5 days a week. The rest of the time you and your team will make use of all the facilities at JIC and so advance your project towards completion.

JIC Expert Day

31. 1. 2018

A one-day event aimed at ‘getting to know your mentor’! For several hours, JIC Experts will be here at your disposal, giving you some proper feedback and suggesting concrete ways they may be able to help your team. 


14. 2.2018

Now we’re halfway through the accelerator, so it’s a good time to assess your project’s progress. As part of the Trial Show, you can take some credit for some of the results you’ve achieved so far, listen to some feedback from our experts and establish the next steps for your project.


13. 3. 2018

The final presentation of projects! Not only do you need to spellbind the expert panel of judges, you’ll also want to win over the professionals within your field and members of the general public. After all, sitting in the audience will be private investors and representatives of leading technology companies. Opportunity is beckoning from every direction this evening, and it’s your task to get the absolute maximum from the occasion!

Closing module

16. 3. 2018

The end? No! It’s just the beginning… but before we get on and discuss other development possibilities, we’d like to go back and assess the entire course of the 2-month programme.

Just to make it clear – this module is also obligatory!


Our technology partners will provide you access to unique equipment, contacts and many more advantages.



Does JIC STARCUBE have any specific focus?

This time we’re specializing in the areas of hardware, Internet of Things and cyber security (abbreviated to HW, IoT and ICT Security). 

How often is JIC STARCUBE held?

We open the programme roughly every nine months. You can always directly apply to join on our website, or let us know that you’re interested. We‘ll get in touch straight away when we reopen the next round of registration. 

Who can apply to join JIC STARCUBE?

Teams or start-ups with a minimum of 2 members can apply to join the programme. You should be working on a product or service in the area of HW/IoT/ICT Security. You don’t need to have a finished prototype, but you should already have done some market research and have some idea what the market looks like. Maybe you’ve even already set up a company – the essential criteria, though, is that you’re still looking for your first paying customer.

How many teams do you usually accept and what are the selection criteria?

We pick about 10 teams for each JIC STARCUBE. For each project we assess its commercial and technological potential, the quality of the team and its level of ambition. 

How does the accelerator work?

You can check out the precise timetable in the section "How will it work?"

Do I have to personally participate in the whole programme?

There must be at least 2 key team members who participate in person on the JIC STARCUBE programme. These should be present the majority of the time on JIC premises. We know from experience that only those start-ups who are with us all the time get the most out of the process. You just never know which interesting mentor, entrepreneur or investor is going to turn up at JIC – and if you’re not around, there may not be any second chance to chat with them about your project.

You can take part in the introductory JIC STARCUBE Jam through Skype. During the programme itself, trips outside Brno can be taken from time to time, and of course the weekends belong to you. 

Why should I apply to JIC STARCUBE in particular?

JIC itself has been supporting start-ups since 2003, and the JIC STARCUBE accelerator is the oldest in central Europe. The programme ran for the first time back in 2010, and since then over 75 different projects have been through it. Among these are e.g., GINA, Reservio, Gradient Labs and Loyagram.


In a very short time, together with our seasoned partners, we will help you refine a prototype product or service, or find out how best to apply your technology. You will have the opportunity to access unique prototyping facilities; make good use of the benefits proffered by supporters, and get advice from veteran experts in their field. We will fine-tune your business plan, your sales and marketing strategies. We will help you establish your company, set up the corporate processes and help with planning the development of the business in the months ahead. We will be at your side when you enter the market – whether that market is local or international. At the same time, we incorporate you within a network of mentors, experts, investors and potential business partners. You will also benefit from the media visibility we provide.

Besides the accelerator itself, we can also offer additional follow-up programmes and long-term support – an offer taken up each year by dozens of successful companies. These firms then become a stable component of our ecosystem. 

What facilities are you offering?

You’ll have available the fully equipped co-working JIC STARCUBE Space, lounge and seating areas, a kitchen (in which you‘ll find the indispensable coffee machine) and showers. Besides these standard facilities, you may also be interested in the fully-equipped prototyping lab, the so-called FabLab (, which has everything you need for creating your IoT and HW prototypes or unique marketing materials. 

How does collaboration with technology partners work?

Start-ups at JIC STARCUBE are linked to their relevant technology partners according to their field of focus. Programme partners offer a wide range of assistance as part of the accelerator – from sharing know-how regarding customer care and using distribution networks, through to accessing the technology required for developing your product. Any collaboration with partners beyond the JIC STARCUBE framework is entirely up to you.

The programme also allows you to get inspired by and share experiences with many successful graduates of the programme, e.g. companies such as GINA,, Reservio and many others. 

What other benefits will participating on the programme bring me?

JIC STARCUBE participants get access to Amazon Web Services as well as IBM services for developers. Many of our alumni and partners – e.g. Survio, SmartSupp and Smartlook, Unbounce, ChartMogul and others – will also be offering their services to teams free of charge.

Why is JIC STARCUBE entirely in English?

Because it’s open to teams and start-ups from all over the world. In addition, we certainly expect to see you have global ambitions!

What does it cost to take part?

We don’t want any cash in return for your participation. Instead, the participation fee is a 2% share in your company. If you haven’t yet set up a company, the fee will be an option on such a share. You can find our term sheet here (existing companies|future companies)

Will I get any kind of financial support?

Each team will have the option to draw funds amounting to CZK 100,000. Should you want to take up the offer of financial support, you’ll then have to give a further 3% share of your existing or future company.

I’m from abroad. Will you help me get a visa? Do I get accommodation provided?

Teams from outside Europe must sort out their own visas, though of course we’ll provide them with the necessary documentation (letters of invitation etc.). We do not provide accommodation, although we’re happy to help you look for something suitable.


Technology partners

Media partners


Services of the Enterprise Europe Network are funded from the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020) under the grant agreement No671783 and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.


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