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International accelerator for startups in the fields Internet of Things and ICT Security

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3 months
10 teams
80+ mentors
Brno, ČR

JIC STARCUBE supports teams and startups with clearly defined and market-tested ideas in the fields of Internet of Things or ICT Security. You can expect an intensive 3 months full of seminars, workshops and consultations with mentors. And then? Your own product, service or company and most importantly – paying customers (even from abroad).

Intensive training

Intensive training

You can look forward to more than 160 hours of seminars, workshops and consultations with mentors. We tailor the topics according to the make-up of teams, so you can be sure that they will be 100% beneficial to you. Simply, there is no boring or useless in practice theory waiting for you.

More than 80 top mentors

More than 80 top mentors

You can go every day for advice from the professional JIC consultants. You can also visit a lawyer, copywriter or tax adviser directly in the building. You will meet experienced external experts for regular consultations.

Prototyping equipment

Prototyping equipment

Participation in the programme gains access to the unique prototyping equipment of our partners such as INTEMAC, CEITEC VUT, ALISI and SIX VUT. See the detailed offer!

Covering expenses

Covering expenses

Each team can get from us up to € 1, 800 for the development, prototyping and testing of its product. You do not live in Brno? In addition, we will reimburse you the cost of accommodation for the duration of your participation in the program and, at the same time, the cost of return transport to Brno.

Coworking space

Coworking space

A working environment, place for meetings and a relaxation zone all in one – it’s all accessible 24/7 for every team member. Directly in the building you will be saved from exhaustion and there’s a cosy café. Look at the photos.

Access to finance

Access to finance

Through our venture fund we provide selected start-ups with investment in exchange for a share. In addition we cooperate closely with venture funds and angel investors from CZ and abroad. We will also advise you about public funding and grants.

Start-up friendly location

Start-up friendly location

Brno, with 6 universities and 26 research centres is one of the up-and-coming European tech hubs. Business costs and the cost of living are not high. See for yourself! 

Follow-up programmes

Follow-up programmes

After the end of the accelerator you can stay for a further 3 months and make use of coworking space and the services of the experts. For start-ups with paying customers, we have a follow-up programme, JIC MASTER and a range of other services.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

So don’t hesitate, enrol today and set your business in motion.

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Registration will be closed on 31. 7. 2015

Frequently asked questions

Who can enrol in the JIC STARCUBE?

Any team or start-up (an already established company) with a minimum of 2 people can enrol in the programme. Your company cannot have been on the market for more than 2 years and your product or service in the fields Internet of Things (hardware, software, wearables, smart solutions) or ICT Security (hardware, software or a combination of both) must be at the idea stage or in prototype. As long as you can fulfil these conditions and manage to complete the whole programme in English, you’re our person!

What does the programme bring me?

Via access to unique prototyping equipment and experienced experts, we will help you to refine a prototype product or service in just 3 months. In the JIC STARCUBE you will also fine-tune your business plan and sales and marketing strategies. We will focus on establishing the company, setting up business processes and planning development for the following months. We will be available to you when entering the market – not only locally, but also internationally. At the same time we will connect you with a wide-ranging network of experts, mentors, investors and potential business partners.

How can I enrol?

The first step is to register at the website Here you can fill out the application form on an ongoing basis, but remember, it must be completed by 31. 7. 2015. From the applications we choose about 30 teams and start-ups which we invite to the one-day JIC STARCUBE Jam which will take place from 20. 8. to 22. 8. 2015. Here you introduce your project and we select a maximum of 10 participants for the JIC STARCUBE.

How much does it cost to participate in the programme?

The price of the programme is a 2% share in your company.

I’m from abroad. Must I participate in the whole programme personally?

At least 2 members of your team, ideally the CEO plus one other, must take part in person. However, you can take part in the opening JIC STARCUBE Jam even through Skype.

How do I substantiate that there is interest in my product/service on the market?

Enclose with your application the results of any surveys that you have conducted regarding the interest in your product/service. If you are oriented on B2C clients, we require confirmation of at least 20 potential clients; in the B2B segment, 5 clients are sufficient. As background we accept a list of contacts, completed questionnaires from clients, records of personal interviews or possible pre-orders. The better documented you are, the greater your chance of acceptance to the programme.

Why is the JIC STARCUBE programme entirely in English?

Because the programme is designed for teams and start-ups from around the world and for Czech participants who are expected to have global ambition.

hat prototyping devices do I get access to in the programme?

Gain access to the prototyping equipment of our partners such as INTEMAC, CEITEC VUT, ALISI and SIX VUT. You can find a specific summary of the individual instruments in the article about the technological equipment of our partners.

What is the situation with regard to financial help in the JIC STARCUBE programme?

We offer participants in the JIC STARCUBE 2 packages of financial assistance.

Package 1: We provide each team with up to € 1 800 for development, prototyping, and product testing. You can also spend the money on services associated with developing your company. These include legal and tax advice and the services of a graphic designer and a copywriter. Up to two members of each team also have each month a right to 100 euros to cover basic living costs.

Package 2: If you are not from Brno, we can cover the cost of travel for up to two members of your team in the amount of a maximum of € 350 (for members of foreign teams) or 1,000 crowns (for members of Czech teams). Apart from this, we pay the accommodation costs for two members of your team up to the amount of €  100 per person per month.

To summarise, we can provide foreign teams with up to € 4,100 and Czech teams (those from outside Brno) with up to 100,000 crowns.


This is where everything ends. Or does it actually start?


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Register for the JIC STARCUBE programme

And for 3 months push on your project a good deal further.

Registration for the programme is under way at the website, where in addition to registration you can get deals worth a total of 650 thousand dollars. Teams and start-ups from around the world which meet the following conditions can register:

  1. Have a minimum of 2 members and can complete the programme in English.
  2. Have not been on the market for longer than 2 years.
  3. Have an innovative and verified idea in the fields of either IoT or ICT security.
  4. At least 2 members of the team must personally take part in the individual components of the programme.
  5. Will provide a 2% share in the company for participation in the programme.

I want to register

Registration will be closed 31. 7. 2015

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