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JIC STARCUBE 2016 is closed for applications

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Fine-tune your strategy

Fine-tune your strategy

During the 160+ hours of seminars and consultations, we will discuss business step by step. From setting out a business plan, sales and marketing strategies through to establishing a company soa s to enter the market and planning for the following three months. We have 13 years of experience.

Avoid mistakes

Avoid mistakes

Experienced mentors will help you with making business decisions and expanding a network of contacts. We have more than 80 of them. You can go to our lawyer or copywriter for advice – both are located directly in the building.

Connect with partners

Connect with partners

Thanks to our partners and JIC ecosystem you can gain access to the unique prototyping equipment, contacts and benefits from our partners. Through this you can develop your product faster and introduce it earlier to the market.

Cover expenses

Cover expenses

Each team can get from us finance for development, prototyping and testing of its product. Moreover, we will reimburse you the costs of accommodation and return transport to Brno.

Get an office free

Get an office free

A working environment, place for meetings and a relaxation zone all in one for every team member. The coworking space is accessible 24/7.
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Open the door to finance

Open the door to finance

Through our venture capital investment vehicle we provide selected start-ups with investment in exchange for a share. In addition we cooperate closely with venture funds and angel investors from CZ and abroad. We will also advise you about public funding and grants.


  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

    Applying virtual reality has been a hot topic for a long time now in the gaming industry, while augmented reality could replace traditional monitors and make office work easier.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Processing a huge amount of data and keeping it secure are two tasks which present quite a challenge for most companies. Customers are often worried about their sensitive personal data and see little advantage in providing it.

  • Sensors

    In the future sensors will be more sensitive, smaller and cheaper. Greater demands are also put on their communication with smart devices and providing fast data analysis.

  • ICT Security

    The increasing number of mobile devices, the popularity of social networks and development of the cloud raise new questions about data security and security risk management.

  • Smart City/Home/Office

    According to surveys, the market for smart cities will approximately double in size by 2017 and market situation for smart home technologies is very similar.

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 is a concept founded on the digital connection of all production levels, and was first presented in 2013 at the Hannover Fair. Since then, similar concepts have emerged all over the world and they are still developing.

  • Paperless Office

    The global market for printers and office equipment is valued at about 8 billion euros and is shrinking. In contrast, the global market for paperless offices has a value of about 41 billion euros and is constantly growing.

  • Retail 2.0

    Retail 2.0 is a root and branch transformation of retail. The principal architecture comprises cloud services, predictive analyses, business intelligence and big data analytics.

  • Secure Family/Home

    In every household there are 10 devices connected to the net, and this number will continue to grow. All these devices and their users are going to need protection.


Frequently asked questions

Who can enrol in the JIC STARCUBE?

JIC STARCUBE 2016 will accept projects in 4 technological and 5 application areas: Big Data Analytics, Sensors, Augmented/Virtual Reality, ICT Security / Industry 4.0, Retail 2.0, Paperless Office, Smart City/Home/Office, Secure Family/Home.

Any team or startup working on a product or service in these areas can sign up for this programme, but it has to consist of at least two people. You can apply even if you have „only“ developed a unique technology and don´t know how to deploy it. If you already found a company you cannot be older than three years. 

The programme will be held in English.

What does the programme bring me?

In only three months we will help you together with the technological partners to finalize a product or service prototype, or to find the right application of your technologoy. You will have the opportunity to access unique prototyping devices and the benefits provided by our supporters and help of experienced experts. At JIC STARCUBE you will also finalize your business plan as well as business and marketing strategy. We will focus on starting a company, setting up its processes and planning your development for the subsequent months. We will be at your side as you enter the market – not only locally, but also internationally. We will also connect you with a wide network of experts, mentors, investors and potential business partners. 

How can I enrol?

Registration starts on 1st June 2016. Stay in touch with us for the opened registration information.

How much does it cost to participate in the programme?

The price of the programme is 2% share of your company. In case you have not found the company just yet, there will be an option for this share. You can find all the details in the JIC STARCUBE SAFE term sheet (for existing companies / for future companies)


I’m from abroad. Must I participate in the whole programme personally?

Two members of your team should be present, ideally your CEO and one other team member. The presence of both team members during the whole programme is not obligatory. You can participate on the JIC STARCUBE Jam via Skype.

Why is the JIC STARCUBE programme entirely in English?

Because the programme is designed for teams and start-ups from around the world and for Czech participants who are expected to have global ambition.

What is the situation with regard to financial help in the JIC STARCUBE programme?

We offer participants in the JIC STARCUBE 2 packages of financial assistance.

Package 1: We provide each team with up to € 1 800 for development, prototyping, and product testing. You can also spend the money on services associated with developing your company. These include legal and tax advice and the services of a graphic designer and a copywriter. Up to two members of each team also have each month a right to 100 euros to cover basic living costs.

Package 2: If you are not from Brno, we can cover the cost of travel for up to two members of your team in the amount of a maximum of € 350 (for members of foreign teams) or 1,000 crowns (for members of Czech teams). Apart from this, we pay the accommodation costs for two members of your team up to the amount of €  100 per person per month.

To summarise, we can provide teams from outside of Brno with up to € 4,100. The financial help is possible thanks to the support of the City of Brno.

How will the cooperation with technological partners work?

We have been cooperating with our technological partners (Honeywell, Microsoft, AVG, Konica Minolta and AVG) within the JIC ecosystem for years. The startups participating in JIC STARCUBE will be linked up to the relevant partner according to their areas of interest. The technological partners offer a wide range of support including sharing customer related know how, distribution network and access to techological equipment needed for the product development. It´s up to you whether you want to cooperate with them beyond the programme. You will also have the opportunity to meet, get inspired by and share the best practices with our alumni (GINA, – exSkypicker, etc.).

Services of the Enterprise Europe Network are funded from the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020) under the grant agreement No671783 and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

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