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Fine-tune your strategy

Fine-tune your strategy

During seminars, we will discuss business step by step. From setting out a business plan, sales and marketing strategies through to establishing a company soa s to enter the market and planning for the following three months. We have 13 years of experience.

Avoid mistakes

Avoid mistakes

Experienced mentors will help you with making business decisions and expanding a network of contacts. We have more than 80 of them. You can go to our lawyer or copywriter for advice – both are located directly in the building.

Connect with partners

Connect with partners

Thanks to our partners and JIC ecosystem you can gain access to the unique prototyping equipment, contacts and benefits from our partners. Through this you can develop your product faster and introduce it earlier to the market.

Cover expenses

Cover expenses

We will help you with finances. Thanks to that, each team can cover expenses for development, prototyping and testing of its product, costs of accommodation and return transport to Brno.

Get an office free

Get an office free

A working environment, place for meetings and a relaxation zone all in one for every team member. The coworking space is accessible 24/7.
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Open the door to finance

Open the door to finance

Through our venture capital investment vehicle we provide selected start-ups with investment in exchange for a share. In addition we cooperate closely with venture funds and angel investors from CZ and abroad. We will also advise you about public funding and grants.


Frequently asked questions

Why should I be interested in JIC STARCUBE?

JIC has been supporting startups since 2003, the JIC STARCUBE accelerator is the oldest in Central Europe. The first run of the program took place in 2010 and has over 75 alumni projects., GINA, Reservio, Gradient Labs or Loyagram are among them.

In addition to the accelerator itself, we offer follow-up programs and long-term support used by dozens of companies each year. They all become a solid part of our ecosystem.

Is JIC STARCUBE focused on particular topic?

We specialize in hardware, Internet Things and ICT Security. In these topics, we have long-term technology partners, experienced mentors, complete background incl. prototyping laboratories and a lot of interesting companies in the ecosystem.

Who can enrol in the JIC STARCUBE?

JIC STARCUBE 2016 will accept projects in 4 technological and 5 application areas: Big Data Analytics, Sensors, Augmented/Virtual Reality, ICT Security / Industry 4.0, Retail 2.0, Paperless Office, Smart City/Home/Office, Secure Family/Home.

Any team or startup working on a product or service in these areas can sign up for this programme, but it has to consist of at least two people. You can apply even if you have „only“ developed a unique technology and don´t know how to deploy it. If you already found a company you cannot be older than three years. 

The programme will be held in English.

Why is the JIC STARCUBE programme entirely in English?

Because the programme is designed for teams and start-ups from around the world and for Czech participants who are expected to have global ambition.

How many teams do you accept?

For one run we usually accept aprox. 10 teams. 

What does the programme bring me?

In a very short period of time we will help you together with the technological partners to finalize a product or service prototype, or to find the right application of your technologoy. You will have the opportunity to access unique prototyping devices and the benefits provided by our supporters and help of experienced experts. At JIC STARCUBE you will also finalize your business plan as well as business and marketing strategy. We will focus on starting a company, setting up its processes and planning your development for the subsequent months. We will be at your side as you enter the market – not only locally, but also internationally. We will also connect you with a wide network of experts, mentors, investors and potential business partners. 

When does the next run start?

We are currently working on the next run, leave us your email and we will let you know when it is possible to sign up.

How much does it cost to participate in the programme?

The price of the programme is 2% share of your company. In case you have not found the company just yet, there will be an option for this share. 


I’m from abroad. Must I participate in the whole programme personally?

Two members of your team should be present, ideally your CEO and one other team member. 

From experience, we know that only startups that are with us throughout the program gain the greatest value - you never know which interesting mentor, entrepreneur or investor you are going to meet and talk about your startup.

Introductory JIC STARCUBE Jam can be done via Skype. Occasional trips outside Brno are possible during the program.

How will the cooperation with technological partners work?

We have been cooperating with our technological partners (Honeywell, Microsoft, AVG, Konica Minolta and AVG) within the JIC ecosystem for years. The startups participating in JIC STARCUBE will be linked up to the relevant partner according to their areas of interest. The technological partners offer a wide range of support including sharing customer related know how, distribution network and access to techological equipment needed for the product development. It´s up to you whether you want to cooperate with them beyond the programme. You will also have the opportunity to meet, get inspired by and share the best practices with our alumni (GINA, – exSkypicker, etc.).

Services of the Enterprise Europe Network are funded from the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020) under the grant agreement No671783 and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

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