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We started out as a company whose business was based on a single product. Today we offer a variety of solutions which help different organizations make their processes more effective and increase their internal security. These solutions include tools for managing 2D and 3D printing, document digitalization and distribution, an application for mobile printing and many others.

STATUS: We are developing our own software and hardware. If you want, we can share our fifteen years of experience with you over the course of three months at JIC STARCUBE. And the feedback we give will be particularly relevant: we too started out at JIC.

Our topics of interest

  • Big Data Analytics

    The shift to the digital economy is bringing many challenges. One of the key challenges is connected with the ability of organizations to process and evaluate a huge amount of data. We are also interested in new ideas in this field because we want to figure out how we could connect up the Big Data phenomena with our vision of a universal company IoT platform.

  • Sensors

    Sensors are a key part of the IoT. With their help we want to expand the functions and communication possibilities of our hardware. This is why we are looking for hardware teams which could become a part of the emerging YSoft IOTA team and accelerate our development in this field as well.

  • Smart City/Home/Office

    According to one survey from 2013, the market for smart cities will approximately double in size by 2017 and market situation for smart home technologies is very similar. These two markets could expand up to 731.7 trillion dollars in 2020.

  • Industry 4.0

    We believe that in the IoT market there is no universal development platform suitable for company use. The application potential of our SafeQ platform, which combines hardware and software, goes far beyond the boundaries of printing and scanning management, so we have started a new development division, YSoft IOTA. Its task is to look for ways in which to offer an ecosystem of devices and support services to our B2B customers. Within this ecosystem they will be able to develop their own solutions, usable in any field.

  • Retail 2.0

    The most dynamic growth in new business models based on IoT is also expected to happen in retail. Data about customer behaviour or purchasing habits can be used, for example, by companies to improve their shop interior or create new business offers for their suppliers. The company Sewio, who received an investment from Y Soft Ventures, already have their solution, but we are looking for other ways of getting into Retail 2.0.

What we offer


We believe that solutions based on connecting our own software and hardware have an extremely strong business potential and the last 15 years have proven us right. We are experienced not only in the development and global distribution of software and hardware, but also in marketing, setting up business channels and serial production. We can give you our advice on any of these fields.


In 2014, we launched a venture capital arm of the business, Y Soft Ventures. This works to identify and develop cooperation with startups which focus on developing innovative solutions based on combining hardware and software. This cooperation not only includes financial investment, but also sharing production capacities and other Y Soft internal resources.


At JIC STARCUBE you will be attended to by our top management, people who have many years of experience in development, production, logistics, sales and marketing. And you can encounter them not only during lectures, but also meet face to face.

Startup onboarding

Startups which begin cooperating with us will have our most experienced people on hand. Under their leadership, startups undergo an intense mentoring process, in which we focus on six areas: strategic management, sales support, marketing, R&D, financial management and global operations.

Marketing and global PR

We have been doing globally managed marketing and PR for several years. We started cooperating with experienced specialists who had worked in marketing communication in Silicon Valley and who had also amassed their experience in big international technology corporations. Today, we can set out and implement a global communication strategy and we also gladly help other companies to take their first steps.

Miloš Sochor
Managing Partner at Y Soft Ventures SE
The Czech Republic is an ideal place to start a business. Thanks to its membership in the European Union, you can access European markets very easily, legislation is relatively favourable and prices are low. In Brno, there are many students of technological universities and of course, JIC support.”

Y Soft

Y Soft provides smart business solutions which help organizations work more effectively. Our platform YSoft SafeQ helps customers manage, optimize and secure the printing and digitalization of documents. The product group of YSoft be3D 3D printers offers solutions for user friendly, reliable and high-quality 3D printing in education and manufacturing. Our internal startup project YSoft Labs and venture capital arm Y Soft Ventures help Y Soft keep pace with technological developments and find new business opportunities. Y Soft started in 2000. The company is based in Brno and has branches in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asian and Pacific region, including Australia.

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