Konica Minolta

We are developing a solution which saves time and makes work easier for SMEs all over the world. We also help them digitalize their offices and with data processing and security.

STATUS: Join us in JIC STARCUBE and test your ideas on a global scale.

Our topics of interest

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

    Konica Minolta has partnered with Wikitude and on its platform for augmented reality it develops corporate solutions for small, medium and global customers. We employ the great experience in processing and digitization of data and knowledge of processes of existing customers. We are interested in new applications and approaches to the application of augmented reality across different sectors.

    On the basis of unique experience in optics, we have created a holographic glasses for use in industry. In the concept of Industry 4.0, we want to help our customers improve efficiency and safety in production and maintenance. We aim also for logistics and healthcare.

    We are currently preparing a pilot test of glasses in Europe for selected customers. We are open to cooperation in new applications, innovative ways of device use or synchronization with other smart devices. For next versions we are interested in advanced methods of computer vision, object recognition based on 3D models and semantic recognition of the image. It is not a problem, if you have worked with different kind of glasses.
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  • Big Data Analytics

    All companies whatever their size store data, but while big companies analyse their data, SMEs tend not to. We are therefore developing a smart printer which is going to store and analyse data at the same time. It will create a digital identity for each employee and the printer will use the data it stores to look for and recommend applications suitable for this employee to make their work easier.

    In this area we are interested in startups dealing with the technologies of predictive analysis, processing the natural language and also the development of applications which could be useful for our printer.
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  • Paperless Office

    We regard a paperless office as a digital and digitalized workplace. People today can work anywhere they can connect to the internet and they need products which will make this type of work easier. Successful products in this field have to fulfill demanding criteria of ergonomics and usability.

    Products must have a certain coolness factor so that users of Generation Y feel good interacting with them and had fun while working with them.

    An important factor is the maximum level of data and functional integration through sophisticated cloud-based solutions.

    Another big issue for us is data security in SMEs. Big companies have the financial resources and teams to ensure their security, and hackers are aware of this. That's why they focus more on smaller businesses.
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What we offer

Global know-how

Anything we develop in Brno will get out into the world, so be ready for your idea becoming part of a global solution.


If we connect our solutions, you can use our distributional network and you won't have to start from scratch when going international because you will have the global back office support of our brand.


We have recently invested in an Austrian startup focusing on augmented reality called Wikitude, which goes to show we are also open to financing interesting ideas.

Mentoring and feedback

We will explain to you what do we do and why in chosen topics. We will give you feedback on your ideas and if we are interested by your idea, we can talk about further cooperation.


If you are developing an interesting application for holographic glasses, we can provide you with a development kit or enable you to access test equipment.

Zdeněk Vrbka
Incubation and Business Development Manager
“There’s no problem chatting to startups about technology, but as soon as we get round to business, matters take a plunge. Make your business plan as soon as possible, and please make sure you know what exactly you want to make your profit on. Discussions with technology partners are going to be much faster.”

Konica Minolta

The Japanese company Konica Minolta is a leading provider of products, services and solutions in the field of printing and processing documents. But the company portfolio includes also healthcare, optics and OLED technologies. This company has branches in 50 countries all over the world and they have opened one of their five innovation centres in Brno. It focuses mainly on data processing, security for IT systems, paperless office and cell phone applications.

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