Despite having branches all over the world, Brno is very important to us. We have our Center of Excellence here, which is our biggest and most modern research centre in Europe.

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Our topics of interest

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

    This is where the physical and virtual environment are interconnected in real time and it has a huge potential in industry. One good example could be applications for identifying objects within the real environment, which can be additionally complemented with information from different sources, such as sensors or cameras.

    We are also engaged in head-up displays and their use in the automotive industry. We are mainly interested in driving, navigation and night vision parameters.

    We think that augmented reality also has massive potential in retail. The customer can check how different products might look it they were situated around the home. This process makes the customer’s shopping experience more vivid and motivates them to make a purchase.
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  • Big Data Analytics

    In 2016, humankind has already generated more data than in all the years preceding 2015. We are interested in new approaches to the overall digitalization, analysis and of course also the monetization of data. New functionalities and the integration of already existing devices are also desirable.

    In industry this data is produced not only by employees and users, but also by devices such as thermo regulators, satellites and so on. These devices are interconnected and are able to share information with each other.
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  • Sensors

    Sensors make up an essential part of the IoT and also of our solutions. We mainly use sensors which detect temperature, liquid and gas leakage, humidity, smoke, vibrations or pressure. Ideas concerning connected sensors will also receive a warm welcome. This is where sensors create a closed ecosystem with space for analysing big data.

What we offer

Global know-how

We will tell you where the trends are headed and direct you towards opportunities connected with the needs of key global customers.

Technology support

Our Center of Excellence Honeywell Technology Solutions consists of four buildings, covering an area of 33 000 square meters. In this centre you can find offices as well as high standard laboratories.


We will provide an experienced mentor for each field in which we’re interested. This mentor will give you feedback on your product or service and introduce to you some new possibilities.


Honeywell is a leading technology and manufacturing company with operations worldwide. It has been listed among the one hundred most successful companies by the Fortune magazine. It supplies products and services for aviation, control technologies for buildings, households and industry, turbo compressors and special materials. All the strategic areas of our company are represented in the Czech Republic and there are more than 4 000 experts working at our three Czech branches.

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