In close collaboration with our teammates, AVG is pioneering a solution with the potential to secure up to one billion customers worldwide. This innovative open-architecture solution will have the ability to easily integrate teammates into AVG’s integration workflows.

STATUS: We invite you to join us for this year’s JIC STARCUBE, where you can be at the core of new platform development.

Our topics of interest

  • ICT Security

    Avast is deeply engaged with all security aspects of modern information technologies. We stay on top of the IT industry to discover market-leading security solutions enabling us to protect devices, data, and the people who use them.

  • Secure Family/Home

    From computers and cell phones to wearable devices, kitchen appliance, and cars, not to mention health care and scheduling, the internet is part of nearly everything we do. The need for online security is stronger now than ever and will keep growing as the internet becomes more entwined with all, even the most personal, aspects of our lives.

What we offer


Founded in Brno in 1991, AVG is proudly celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2016. As the first Czech company traded in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), AVG offers expertise in the digital security industry, which we are incredibly excited to share with you.


We are ready to support you in JIC STARCUBE. This exciting opportunity offers the potential to grow into a long-term premium technical relationship


Our expertise in online security gives us the ability to offer insights into a wide range of fields in the online security industry, including but not limited to operating system internals, software testing, quality assurance, and business intelligence (BI).


AVG provides in-depth helpful feedback on all projects with a focus on ICT security, security solutions for people, and general security


Despite being a large, complex entity, AVG is flexible and stays on top of trends and open to evolution by teaming with startups large and small, for inspiration and motivation.

David Makovský
Senior Architect, Product Innovations & Zen Integrations
“Startups often make decisions on preconditions and presumptions. Take every opportunity available to verify your ideas. The sooner, the better.”


Under the original name Grisoft, AVG Technologies was founded in Brno, Czech Republic in 1991. Today AVG is the leading provider of software services to secure devices, data and people, with products available in 22 languages and in more than 100 countries worldwide. AVG's award-winning consumer portfolio includes internet security, performance optimization, location services, data controls and insights, and privacy and identity protection, for mobile devices and desktops.

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