SME Instrument Brno


In June 2017, JIC has launched a new call of the SME Instrument Brno programme aiming to support small and medium-sized enterprises from South Moravian region developing innovative products that were positively evaluated and received 12,00 – 12,99 points haven’t reached the threshold of 13 points under Phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

Threshold of 13 points enables them either to reach the funding from the European Commission or to be awarded by the Seal of Excellence. Seal of Excellence projects in the Czech Republic are funded under national programme Gama, administrated by TAČR. For more information about national scheme please do contact TAČR directly.

European Commission’s evaluation process offers a unique opportunity to fully exploit the high-quality Horizon 2020 evaluation process and to easily identify and support high-impact proposalscoming from promising innovative companies, with an ambition to grow and compete internationally.

South Moravian region has decided to exploit this evaluation even further and to support promising projects that were evaluated with more than 12 points (80%) but haven’t reached the threshold of 13 points.  These projects will be further assessed by a committee of experts which then makes the final decision about award/non-awardBeneficiaries of the SME Instrument Brno programme are awarded with a grant equivalent to €41,000 to fund feasibility study and market validation. The programme is financed by Brno City Municipality.

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