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Coaching programme for owners of established technological companies from the Southern Moravian region

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Innovate with the help of top experts

In JIC PLATINN you will discover innovation opportunities, plan and implement changes leading to the company’s growth. The first 40 hours of consultations with the expert chosen by you are free.

Technologically oriented companies

Offices in the South Moravia region

More than 3 years on the market

Minimum 10 employees

Business service

Together we will concentrate on strategic management, business development and improvement of internal processes. What do we solve most often? How to increase sales. How to make the company functioning more efficiently. How to better manage employees.

Partnership service

We concentrate on the formation of strategic partnership with companies, universities and other organizations. We are facilitating for you the sale of technologies, products or services.

Choose your “buddy”

Dozens of experts from various areas are at your disposal. Many of them provide their counselling services exclusively for the clients of JIC.

The selected expert will look at your company from an unbiased point of view, discover hidden context and will encourage you to make the correct steps.

  1. 1

    Identify innovation opportunities

  2. 2

    Draw a plan of changes

  3. 3

    Implement it

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

So don’t hesitate, enrol today and set your business in motion.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the JIC PLATINN?

JIC PLATINN is a programme for established technological companies from the South Moravia region. With the help of consultations with the expert of your choice you will get a new view of your business as well as a specific plan of activities leading to further growth.

Who can enrol in the JIC PLATINN programme?

Any technological company older than 3 years that has its seat in the South Moravia region and more than 10 employees can enrol.

What does the JIC PLATINN bring me?

Company owners are usually used to deciding alone; they have no advisor to discuss their decisions with. Through the JIC PLATINN programme you will get a “buddy” in the person of an experienced expert who will look at the company with an unprejudiced eye and will give you the courage to make the correct steps for the company’s development.

How does the JIC PLATINN work?

Your company first undergoes an analysis of opportunities for innovation – we will find out which areas are strong and where, on the contrary, it has weaknesses. This is followed by phase 1, in which the expert will schedule the plan for necessary changes together with you. If you need help with the implementation of the changes, you can proceed to phase 2. In the JIC PLATINN programme, we offer 4 types of services: Business, Partnership, Organisation, Financing.

What is the difference between the Business and Partnering services?

With the Business service, you will achieve growth particularly by improving strategic management, business development and streamlining of processes. On the contrary, the Partnering service is built on the formation of strategic partnerships, which will make it easier to apply your technology, products or services on the market.

What is the cost of the JIC PLATINN?

Prices vary according to the type of services provided. In the scope of the Business and Partnering services, you will get the innovation analysis and the first 40 hours of consultations with an expert free of charge. During the implementation stage of the innovation project of the Business services, you can have additional 80 hours of consultations and you contribute 50% of the costs. 

Who has already passed through the JIC PLATINN programme?

Look at the selected case studies.

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