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  • Jiří Hudeček

    Jiří Hudeček


    Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University. Since 1997 he has been doing business mainly in investment development. He worked as a business analyst in the department of GE Capital Bank in Vienna and in LKW Walter as a manager for international transportation and logistics. In 2003 he succeeded in a tender with his concept for the creation of the JIC, where he works to this day.

  • Radim Kocourek

    Radim Kocourek


    Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University, and then studied psychology and political science at the Faculty of Social Studies also at Masaryk University. He focuses on the management of the transformation and development projects of the JIC; recently, for example, this has included the start-up of the JIC INTEMAC competence centre and the Inmec Science and Technology Park. He is a Deputy Director of the JIC and has contributed to the creation of RIS.

  • David Uhlíř

    David Uhlíř


    Graduated from the Open University in Milton Keynes (UK) and the Faculty of Science at the Charles University. He specializes in regional development, innovation and technology policies. He previously worked in various positions, mainly in the public administration of regional policy and research and development. He is the Deputy Director for strategy and leads the team of technology cooperation at the JIC. He is also involved in the creation of RIS.

  • Petr Chládek

    Petr Chládek

    Regional Innovation Strategy Manager

    Studied biology and geography at the Faculty of Science at Charles University, where he specialised in regional innovation policy. He has worked in the innovation area since 2005. He has participated in the establishment of a bio-computational cluster and the implementation of several international research projects and worked as a correspondent of the ERAWATCH project. For 7 years has coordinated the implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravia.

  • Vojtěch  Krmíček

    Vojtěch Krmíček

    Startup Programme Manager

    Studied at the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. At the JIC, he formerly led the JIC STARCUBE accelerator, which was opened to foreign teams. Before he started working with startups, he dedicated himself to research in the field of cyber security and the monitoring of high-speed computer networks in the CESNET organization.

  • Josef Zedník

    Josef Zedník


    Studied at the Faculty of Forestry at Mendel University. He has worked in various managerial positions in production, sales and management of companies - such as the CEO and Vice Chairman of the board of Krušnohorské lesy a.s. Since 1997, he has focused on consulting in the field of economics, process and project management for small and medium-sized companies. He has been working for JIC since 2005.

  • Jindřich  Weiss

    Jindřich Weiss

    Business Innovation Team Manager

    He graduated in European Studies and Law at Masaryk University. He has been at the JIC since 2008, where he is responsible for promoting innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. He was behind the launch of JIC VOUCHERS to promote cooperation between companies and research organizations, 120″ networking events and the JIC PLATINN coaching programme.

  • Jiří Neužil

    Jiří Neužil

    Marketing Manager

    Studied Management and Economics at Nottingham Trent University. He worked for 9 years as Sales and Operations Director in localization company Aspena. He has nearly 20 years experience in sales. As a business consultant he focuses on business strategy, sales skills and HR management. As a marketing manager he is responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategy and fulfilling the goals of JIC. 

  • Tomáš Avrat

    Tomáš Avrat

    Regional Marketing Manager

  • Jana Bartošková

    Jana Bartošková

    Receptionist JIC INTECH

  • Aleš Boček

    Aleš Boček

    Business Innovation Manager

  • Markéta Borovcová

    Markéta Borovcová

  • Lenka Boušková

    Lenka Boušková

    Financial Specialist

  • Ondřej Divácký

    Ondřej Divácký

    Monitoring and Evaulation Specialist

  • Květa Dobiášová

    Květa Dobiášová

    Receptionist JIC INMEC

  • Martin Dokoupil

    Martin Dokoupil

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Hana  Doleželová

    Hana Doleželová

    Receptionist JIC INTECH

  • Aleš  Filipenský

    Aleš Filipenský

    Business Growth Manager

  • Zuzana Gaálová

    Zuzana Gaálová

    Receptionist JIC INMEC

  • Lenka Gábrišová

    Lenka Gábrišová


  • Jindra  Geipelová

    Jindra Geipelová

    Receptionist | Facility Manager Assistant

  • Adéla Hradilová

    Adéla Hradilová

    International Funding Specialist

  • Jana Hronová

    Jana Hronová

    Junior Accountant

  • Halina Jílková

    Halina Jílková

    Project Manager

  • Veronika Jurčová

    Veronika Jurčová

    Junior International Funding Specialist

  • Lucie Kanioková

    Lucie Kanioková

    Business Innovation Manager

  • Alena Kastnerová

    Alena Kastnerová


  • Zuzana Koňaříková

    Zuzana Koňaříková

    Facility Manager

  • Lukáš Konečný

    Lukáš Konečný

    JIC MASTER Manager / JIC Ventures Associate / Business Growth Manager

  • Alena Křížová

    Alena Křížová

    Receptionist JIC INBIT

  • Tereza Krpcová

    Tereza Krpcová

    Event Manager

  • Markéta  Lőrinczy

    Markéta Lőrinczy

    JIC ENTER Manager / Business Growth Manager

  • David Marek

    David Marek

    Chief Analyst

  • Tomáš Mejzlík

    Tomáš Mejzlík

    FabLab Manager

  • Markéta Oujeská

    Markéta Oujeská


  • Ondřej Petrášek

    Ondřej Petrášek

    Business Innovation Manager

  • Petra Pidrová

    Petra Pidrová

    Receptionist JIC INMEC

  • Martina Pouchlá

    Martina Pouchlá

    PR Specialist

  • Pavel Řehoř

    Pavel Řehoř

    Businnes Inovation Manager

  • Michaela Sagitariová

    Michaela Sagitariová

    Junior Project Manager

  • Jana Sedláková

    Jana Sedláková

    Senior Accountant

  • Michaela  Šmídková

    Michaela Šmídková

    RIS3 Assistant, SMART Accelerator

  • Hana  Šudáková

    Hana Šudáková

    JIC STARCUBE Manager / Business Growth Manager

  • Veronika Svobodová

    Veronika Svobodová

    PR and Online Marketing Manager

  • Mária Svoreňová

    Mária Svoreňová

    Online Marketing Manager

  • Tereza Tomíčková

    Tereza Tomíčková

    Business Innovation Manager

  • Robert Tóth

    Robert Tóth


  • Beata Tynklová

    Beata Tynklová

    Marketing Specialist

  • Jiří Vala

    Jiří Vala

    ICT Manager

  • Monika Vrbková

    Monika Vrbková

    International Funding Specialist

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