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JIC VENTURES is a subsidiary of JIC, which provides venture capital financing to companies in JIC programmes.

Why did we found JIC VENTURES?

JIC VENTURES provides investments of up to tens of thousands of Euros to accelerate growth of technology companies JIC works with. We leverage our long-term cooperation and great relationships with founders and management of the client companies and thus reduce the risks associated with investing into early-stage companies. The profits generated by JIC VENTURES investments are used to support other entrepreneurs and their businesses. The impact of our investments is therefore twofold: they support early-stage businesses by a direct capital injection and they create more resources to back other companies.

Who do JIC VENTURES invest in?

JIC VENTURES invests into current and past clients of JIC ENTER, JIC STARCUBE and JIC MASTER programmes and in specific cases even in clients of JIC PLATINN programme. We invest individually or together with other investors.

How long does the investment process take?

Typically, the process takes about two months. Depending on how difficult it is to assess the investment opportunity, we may be quicker or require some more time.

What is the connection between JIC VENTURES and JIC STARCUBE alumni?

Clients of JIC STARCUBE are required to pay for participation in the programme with a share of their business. If they are interested in raising a financial investment, they need to go through the standard investment process.

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