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Programme for companies and start-ups which want to grow quickly and expand abroad.

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Up to 6 months
A path to foreign markets
Tailor-made programme
Brno, ČR

We have been helping innovative companies for more than 12 years

The JIC MASTER builds on the programme JIC Innovation Park, from which more than 100 companies benefited.

  1. We analyse your company and prepare a plan of cooperation

  2. We focus on the founder and strategic team members

  3. We help you build a strong strategy

  4. We apply the strategy to each area of your business

We perform the analysis with the help of verified methodologies, for example Wealth Dynamics or BLUES.

Individual approach

We put together a tailored programme for every project.

Plenty of time for business

The programme lasts 6 months, so you will have sufficient time for business and the application of new knowledge.

Inspirational leadership

We alert you to new opportunities and possible risks.

What is waiting for you in the JIC MASTER programme?

  1. Regular consultations with the entrepreneur in residence

    You are guided through the programme by experienced entrepreneur and business consultant Martin Dokoupil.

  2. Regular consultations with internal consultants

    You have 2 hours of consultation every 14 days. In total, 24 hours over the course of the programme.

  3. Up to 20 hours consultation with external experts free of charge

  4. Access for one person to the coworking area

    Fully equipped, 24/7 access and lots of inspiring people. It sounds great, don't you think?

  5. Rental of meeting rooms for up to 10 hours a month free of charge

    No more meetings in cafes or discussions in corridors.

  6. Possibility of renting office space

    Get an office in one of the 3 JIC buildings. Perhaps take advantage of a local laboratory.

  7. Part of the JIC entrepreneurial ecosystem

    Meet with current and former clients, partners and mentors of the JIC. You can also easily share experience and negotiate cooperation.

  8. Support for financing

    We will help you with preparation for investment and give advice about other financial resources.

  9. Legal, tax and marketing advice and guidance on the protection of intellectual property rights

    You can use the services of experts, under favourable conditions, directly in the JIC building.

  10. Advantageous services from partners of the JIC

    For example, we offer the cloud-based service Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Bizspark.

What are you waiting for?

Enrol in the JIC MASTER programme today and experience meteoric growth

I want to register for JIC MASTER

Applications are evaluated continually.

Get advice from our experts

The JIC internal consultants

A three-member team will help you with setting overall strategy.

Available at any time

Knowledge of product management, finance, trade and other sectors.

Experience from the Czech Republic and abroad

Consultants identify weaknesses in your company and where necessary recommend you an external advisor.

Entrepreneur in residence

A unique combination of business consultant and entrepreneur with long-term experience. The JIC offers its clients the services of its entrepreneur in residence, the only one in the Czech Republic.

Martin Dokoupil

Martin Dokoupil has more than 7 years experience of building his own company focused on market research and over 14 years experience as a business consultant in various fields. He has worked, for example, for Kofola, COOP, Makro/Metro, Teta drugstore, Siemens, Honeywell and Oracle.


  • ownership
  • strategy
  • business models

We cooperate with foreign countries

We are members of the international organisations EEN and EBN and partners of the international projects ACE and CzechAccelerator. As a result, we can advise you on how to obtain a foreign partner or get experience abroad.

Frequently asked questions

What is the JIC MASTER?

The JIC MASTER is a six-month long individual programme for innovative technology companies. It focuses mainly on start-ups which have developed a new product, gained their first customers and are now preparing for further growth.

How is the JIC MASTER different from other programmes?

The JIC MASTER is the only comprehensive programme for fast-growing start-ups in the Czech Republic. We dedicate ourselves to each company individually and at such a pace that there is sufficient time for business, implementation of new ideas and evaluation of their effects.

What can the JIC MASTER help me with?

First and foremost, we offer consulting services in the fields of business processes, setting the roles of individual members of a team, business models, financial management and strategy aimed at expansion abroad. In addition we also advise on tax, legal and marketing issues. Also available is advice on PR and promotion, and the protection of intellectual property.

Who can apply for the JIC MASTER?

Companies which have developed an innovative product or service and have at least one paying customer or market validation of its product. The company is less than three years old and the turnover does not exceed 10 million crowns. Last, but not least, the company must have the ambition to become a significant player on the Czech and foreign markets.

How can I apply for the JIC MASTER programme?

Complete the application. Soon after, one of our internal consultants will contact you.

Do I have to pay to participate in the programme?

The cost of the programme is 3 000 Kč excluding VAT per month. You pay retrospectively at the end of each month and only if you wish to continue. If you find that the programme is not beneficial to you, you can simply cancel the contract.

Who is the entrepreneur in residence?

The position of entrepreneur in residence is a unique combination of entrepreneur and business consultant, with extensive experience in strategic consulting. We believe that an experienced individual understands the problems of a growing company better than anyone else. Our entrepreneur in residence service is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic

Take the first steps to success

JIC MASTER will bring you into contact with experts, the possibility of obtaining finance and other benefits. Filling in the form costs you nothing.

Any company which fulfils the following 5 conditions can sign up for the JIC MASTER programme

  1. Has an innovative technology product or service.
  2. Has product or service on the market no longer than 3 years.
  3. Has a turnover of up to 10 million crowns.
  4. Has at least one paying customer or market validation of its product.
  5. Has the ambition to become a significant player in the Czech and foreign markets.

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Applications are evaluated continually.

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