Y Soft Ventures invested in Sewio Networks

Young Brno-based company Sewio Networks is celebrating success. First Investment of Y Soft Ventures in Internet of Things goes to Sewio. The company, which develops unique technology for indoor location, receives one million dollars from the capital branch of Y Soft, a global leader in printing solutions and 3D printing technologies, based in Brno. 

What does Sewio do? 

Sewio’s unique radio technology outperforms current indoor positioning systems based on Wi-Fi or iBeacon and can fully substitute current GPS systems in areas where existing precision or coverage is not sufficient. Moreover, the precise sub-meter indoor tracking offered by Sewio’s products open new application areas and markets which were not possible before. 

Y Soft a Sewio are connected through JIC MASTER 

Y Soft and Sewio began their success very similar way, thanks to cooperation with the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC). "We decided to kick off the business in the startup program JIC MASTER, where we have gained a lot of advice and contacts," says Milan Šimek from Sewio.

Up to a half-year program is focused on innovative technology companies and startups that lack a comprehensive strategy for further development. Those interested in joining the program JIC MASTER can apply until September 20. Potential participants should have their own product or service and the first paying customers. The company should be younger than 3 years and not to exceed a turnover of 10 million crowns. It is important to have the ambition to become a major player in our market and abroad.