Cooperation with a big player: Reservio Success Story

“Don’t be afraid of cooperation with large companies – they can help you financially, with marketing or by passing on know-how. But, be prepared to work hard.”

Boris Bošiak, Reservio founder 

Boris Bošiak had an idea to develop a tool for creating mobile applications. He searched the Internet for possibilities how to turn his idea into a business and stumbled across the JIC STARCUBE website. Together with his colleague František Mazuch he enrolled in the accelerator. A few months later they won the competition. But, with another project.

“We entered the JIC STARCUBE mainly because of the mentors. Beforehand, we had identified two or three who might be able to help us. In the end, things worked out quite differently,” says Bošiak about how things got going in 2012. After attending lectures the pair realised within the first month that their idea had no business potential. Bošiak then discussed other ideas with mentors and decided to develop the idea of an appointments scheduling system. 

We got a chance and a huge confidence boost

The company Webnode became Reservio’s technology partner and Vit Vrba, its mentor. The relationship with Vrba was initially the same as that with other mentors with whom Reservia had discussed various business related matters. 

Gradually they built up confidence in each other and Webnode gave them valuable advice, a foundation for entering the global market and ultimately also investment. They are still in contact with Vit Vrba to this day. “Thanks to the support of Webnode we had the courage and resources to really get our business going. Without them we probably wouldn’t have left uni and completely devoted ourselves to business.” 

We didn't expect Brno to be so good

Before entering the accelerator Bošiak knew how to programme, but knew nothing about business. His initial uncertainty on entering a completely unknown environment soon gave way to pleasant surprise at the high level of knowledge of the technology partners. In his opinion, the accelerator is not only a great way to polish a product, but also to gather useful contacts. Bošiak still returns to the JIC, where for a period Reservio kept an office, for reasons of networking events. His faith in Brno also remains unshaken: “Due to the sheer number of technology companies there is no shortage of experienced personnel, including those from foreign countries. Also, new technical talent is constantly emerging from the universities.” 


Reservio is a simple online appointments scheduling system for all types of businesses. Because it collects data about customers, it can also be used as a marketing tool. The basic version of the programme is free of charge. Reservio only charges large companies, franchises and hospitals. Reservio was chosen as the winner by the jury in the Spring 2012 run of JIC STARCUBE.