Startup interest in JIC STARCUBE doubles

Compared to previous years, startups applying to the Brno accelerator are older, have more advanced projects and want trade all over Europe whilst still operating out of Brno. This summarizes the applications to join JIC STARCUBE, which this year has received record interest. Eager to come to the South-Moravian metropolis are 169 teams from 48 countries. In contrast to last year’s 88 projects, this figure has almost doubled.

Three quarters of applications this year have come from abroad. Just like last year, every continent (except Antarctica) is represented. Ten of these projects are headed by women; in total, 30 or so women have applied. Applicant age range is between twenty and sixty, with the number of student applications on the wane.

In the upcoming days JIC will be working with partners to choose thirty of the most promising applicants and invite them to the selection workshop. This get-together will help sound out the teams’ ideas and reveal the level of resolve in following them through. Together with its technology partners, JIC will then select and invite the final ten to bootcamp, which kicks off the whole accelerator trimester on 12 September. The 2016 programme culminates 7 December with the JIC STARCUBE Show, when the teams will present themselves to the general public.  

This year’s topics comprise four technology and five application areas, namely: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Sensors, Industry 4.0, Retail 2.0, Paperless Office, Smart City/Home/Office and Secure Home/Family. The accelerator’s principal technology partners are AVG, Honeywell, Konica Minolta, Microsoft and Y Soft, who will be offering teams know-how and global experience in their respective fields.