Shorten the way from idea to market with Fast Track to Innovation

Do you lack experience in European Union framework programmees?
Do you want to get finance for development of new technology?
Do you need to introduce your product or service to the market faster?

Try Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) – new tool for supporting small projects within Horizon 2020 framework. FTI is based on bottom-up approach and it is not strictly focused on any particular area. The goal is to commercially use the innovation support. FTI is aimed on development of new manufacturing technology, products or services.

FTI is flexible and fast innovation tool and therefore is suitable for applicants with no experience in applying for financial support. 

Why to apply?

  • You can verify the market potential of your technology, product or service
  • You can make yourself visible on European level
  • You can learn how Horizon 2020 framework works

Who can apply?

  • Consortia consisting of 3 – 5 partners
  • At least 3 partners have to come from EU member states or associated states
  • Consortia have to consist of industry partners (at least 2 in 3-4 member consortium, at least 3 in 5 member consortium)

Project proposal should consist of technology description and business plan. Applicants have to take into consideration, that the innovation will be introduced within 36 months since obtaining the funding.

According to estimates, 50 – 70 projects will be supported this year with total amount of 100 million euros. One project can obtain maximum 3 million euros.

Deadline for submitting the proposals are preliminary due to 29th April, 1st September and 1st December.

Get more information about FTI

Are you interested in FTI tool? Professionals from JIC will help you with submission of proposals – contact them on tts(at) You can visit the Information Day on 27th January organized by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic