Meet the JIC STARCUBE teams: Smart Toybox

  • How would you explain your project to your grandmother?

Our product is a toy box that plays clean up game with children when it is time to pick up the toys. When a toy is put inside the toy box it rewards children with funny sounds. It also giggles, sings, calls kids to feed it with toys and reacts to various other actions.
My grandmother deeply cared about teaching us grandchildren tidiness. She understood this had to be done early in our lives, and that it required a lot of patients, so when I told her about our product, she was thrilled about it! However, I did not try to explain Wi-Fi and mobile features to her.

  • How is your project changing the world?

We believe it is important to educate children through fun, and not by enforcing boring subjects to them – this can create aversion and produce opposite effect. The problem we are solving is a major issue for most parents, which they have to fight several times each day. Smart Toybox for happier children and happier parents!

  • What about your project are you the most proud on?

Witnessing children really picking up toys and having fun with our toy box is priceless. It is amazing to see your project grow from the first idea to working prototype, and we can't wait to go further and see Smart Toybox in stores!

  • Where (how) did you come up with your startup idea?

Our CEO Sumrak has two children. He loves when his kids play, because he knows play is child's natural language. But whenever it is time to cleanup their toys kids suddenly become so exhausted. Sumrak wanted to solve this problem in a way that would benefit his children mostly.

At the time, we have just figured out that we want to quit our corporate jobs and create our own story. We decided we should work on some innovative IoT product, so after some brainstorming the solution to the toy clean up problem came naturally and it was the perfect fit for our team.

  • What did you have to give up for your project?

We had to give up comfort of regular salary each month and altogether financial stability. However, we are thankful for the creativity and freedom entrepreneurial life offers, so it was all worth it!

  • If you would have become a large company with millions in profit, how would your headquarter look like and what benefits would you offer to your employees?

We want to have a company of unique creative individuals. Our employees should have great freedom, but also responsibility, to do what they believe is right, to make their own choices and to create this company together with us. Because core of our business is innovation, and there is no place for rigid structures and stubborn policies in creative environment.

  • What are you going to do with the money after you sell your project for billion dollars?

We want to create more smart innovative products that would make people's lives more interesting by gamifying different aspects of their lives and making boring tasks fun. This is our vision and money would definitely help bring it to reality.

  • Why is it cool to do business in Brno?

Brno is a big IT center, with a lot of tech companies, experts and business potential. We met here great people who helped us raise our start up in various ways, and we also made strong friendship with other teams. It is awesome place for networking.

Oh yes, and beer! 

Vladimir Perić together with Jelena Marković and Nebojša Sumrak created Smart Toybox (Serbia). It´s a box that encourages kids to tidy up. It responds whenever a child puts in the right item. Parents and children can also programme the box using an app linked by Wi-Fi, and so give the box a personality - making tidying up a developmental and fun activity