Meet the JIC STARCUBE teams: Smart Capsa

  • How would you explain your project to your grandmother?

That is a good question. Grandmothers are one of our target groups. The way I would explain it to her is rather simple. I would tell her: ”Grandma, you do not need to install any new application. You would simply use Messenger, the same application where you communicate with your grandchildren and ask the app for pizza. It would reply as normal human, where do you want it to be delivered to and you say home and it’s all set.

It would be as person on the other side, the only difference would be that that ‘person’ would not be as smart or funny as normal human. Other than that, grandma can feel like she is chatting with her grandson.

  • How is your project changing the world?

We follow the natural development of technologies in the world. Nowadays, people started to use the technology to the fullest. Earlier, it was unimaginable that we talk to some little box and it understands and can have a dialog with me.

Thank to our product, people will not waste their time to scroll through internet, downloading and using too many applications. They just simply write: “I want to order tickets to cinema tomorrow at 5pm for me and my family.” and it is approved right away.  People will have more time for anything they want.

  • What about your project are you the most proud on?

The biggest challenge is that it would actually work in the Czech Republic and in the Czech Language.  Therefore, even grandmas can use it! That is simply amazing that she can use it as well as my children. The openness to everyone it the detail we are the most proud of.

  • Where (how) did you come up with your startup idea?

The idea came while we were working on another project, where we wanted to develop technology to control your household. But soon we found out that companies as Apple, Amazon or Google have already started in this area. However, we discovered that there is no interface from the opposite side. Siri cannot order you pizza because it is not interconnected with local services and companies. We came up with the idea couple of months ago, but we only elaborated on the idea few weeks ago.

  • What did you have to give up for your project?

Time. Most of the people lack time and I am aware of how much I invest in STARCUBE that much I gain. On the other hand, I must take that time somewhere else and that is the sacrifice.

  • If you would have become a large company with millions in profit, how would your headquarter look like and what benefits would you offer to your employees?

There must be a great view. Large windows from ceiling to the floor as it is at JIC. The building should be located somewhere by the forest. The rooms will be very light with a great view.

The employees will have all the benefits to make them satisfied. I want them to feel good. They will want to invest their time there, because the work would be fun for them. When I visited Google or Facebook in London, the employees had everything they could think of. Further, I want them to have a terrace, where they can walk if they need a little rest.

  • What are you going to do with the money after you sell your project for billion dollars?

I would be doing the same things as I am now. I have family, place to live and work that I enjoy. We do not need to overthink if we can or cannot effort to buy something.

I do not dream to buy island. But I would like to work at least a part of a year on the beach and after my kids will grow up and they would like to study in California for example, we will just move there.

Therefore, I would spend one part for me and my family. But what about the rest? There are always interesting projects. For example Czechitas, it is projects that supports women in order not to give up in the IT area and help them to educate more in IT. Those kind of projects are beautiful and it is worth to invest to them.

  • Why is it cool to do business in Brno?

I live here and I am too old to move somewhere else. Therefore, I am starting my business here. What I love about STARCUBE is that the entire program is in English and the Bootcamp was amazing start. JIC is in Brno. I am in Brno. That means that it is awesome!

Smart Capsa

Martin Krček talkes about Smart Capsa as a smart communication bot based on an artificial intelligence. The bot allows people to describe their requests in a natural language while ordering a meal or reserving a ticket through classic messenger.