Meet the JIC STARCUBE teams: Minority

  • How would you explain your project to your grandmother?

Stanislav:  I can explain it very easily. It is something on the internet that produces money for your grandson.

Pavlo: It is a web based platform that helps you to manage your tasks. My grandmother can for example put there her everyday activities like feeding the cat, watering plants or baking cookies. Then she would simply check whether she completed everything

  • How is your project changing the world?

P: There are two crucial points.

First, the platform will include list of any kind of process within different kinds of companies. Therefore, it would guide the people who has an idea and want to start business but do not know how.

Second, we are bringing automation to the work processes to make the lives of people life easier.

  • What about your project are you the most proud on?

S: That is a hard question! We are proud of our users’ experience. We are not giving up on our believes to make it as simple as possible. The simplicity is what makes us proud.

  • Where (how) did you come up with your startup idea?

S: While we were working in a company, we have noticed that no one controls internal processes. People were just running around and did unorganized work. Therefore, we decided to develop a tool for workflow management. Where people can describe their tasks and the will get information in form of a small steps how to accomplish the task.  

  • What did you have to give up for your project?

S: Comfort, apartment and life.

P: Nothing, I like to do it.

  • If you would have become a large company with millions in profit, how would your headquarter look like and what benefits would you offer to your employees?

P: I believe in self-organization. Therefore, it would be structured chaos with many different uncommon places for inspiration. The place should be itself food for thoughts.

The benefit for our employees would be a freedom of expression. That is largely articulated, but in many companies is missing. We will be different because we can.  

  • What are you going to do with the money after you sell your project for billion dollars?

Both: Sell? NOOO!

Maybe, we would only sell some equity but not more than 50%. We do not want to lose control. Minority is not only an app on the internet it is more of a platform where you can test new ideas and hypothesis. If we would sell the whole platform, we would have to come up with some different way to practice our creativity.

  • Why is it cool to do business in Brno?

Both: Doing business in the European Union is way easier than in Russia. Government has much smaller influence on businesses here. Particularly, we have chosen Brno due to its accessibility, large knowledge pool and with many talented students, who we can hire. It is a nice quiet city. 

Pavlo Chekmarov and Stanislav Sushko develop Minority (Russia) as a platform for team workflow management. It facilitates working with cyclical tasks and events better than the currently popular Trello and Asana.