Meet the JIC STARCUBE teams: Loyagram

  • How would you explain your project to your grandmother?

For example, imagine that she is having coffee shop and she is preparing a lot of different cakes and she wants to know customer feedback. Which cakes people like and which one they do not like. It will help her to better understand her customers. It will further help her to retain them and increases their loyalty towards her business.

  • How is your project changing the world?

Customers are after all people like you and me. And everyone wants to be happy. No one likes to receive a large number of complains, so we help businesses to decrease the number of complains they have and make their customers happy. That is our vision.

  • What about your project are you the most proud on?

I am very proud that we were part of Start-Up Chile and now we are part of JIC STARCUBE. And more importantly, we are having customers in three countries and they love our product. One of our customer, she told me that I helped her a lot in her business. Now, she understands her customers better than previously. It was as an award for us.

  • Where (how) did you come up with your startup idea?

This is not our first product and when we were doing the ones before we have always sent feedback form to our customers. But the response rate was very low only around 20% of our customers responded. That time we sat together and we were thinking how to improve the response rate and how to integrate it with our product. We decided to collect feedback in different customer touchpoints i.e. signing up for the platform, sign out from the platform, deleting account etc. The problem now is that they are not able to ask at the right time to the right customers. So we thought to create a platform that can direct to other platforms and catch feedback in different touchpoints.

  • What did you have to give up for your project?

As a team, we love to build products that people use. It is our passion. So I do not consider that I have give up something because we love what we are doing.

  • If you would have become a large company with millions in profit, how would your headquarter look like and what benefits would you offer to your employees?

Theheadquarter will be a normal office. We started as bootstrap company. Therefore, our core is to be low cost and sustainable without external funding only with the revenue we are generation. It is self-sustainable model. Furthermore, we follow minimalism and functionalism. We do not spend money on big offices or so. It will be functional. We do not need it to look posh. It is against our believes.

Now, we are having around 5 to 6 employees from different parts of the world and they can work online, they do not need to come to the office every day. We give them the work and trust that they will finish it on the time. There is no heavy monitoring. Therefore, the work-life balance is very good.

  • What are you going to do with the money after you sell your project for billion dollars?

I would take a short break to travel, maybe one year. And then I will start another project. Once you are entrepreneur it is like a trap. There is no escape. You will be doing it again and again.

  • Why is it cool to do business in Brno?

In compare to Indian cities, there are no traffic jams. In India, we often spend hours in commute. For example when I was in Bangalore I spent 2 hours on my way to office. Here nothing is longer than 15 minutes.

Further, the infrastructure is very good. There is stable internet connection in the office that is really good. It is difficult to be online business in India. JIC is making a lot of events for us where we can meet many different people. That is really useful.

On the other hand, in compare to India, here is not enough developers and talent in general.

Mathews Babu talk about LOYAGRAM (India) that is a cloud based, real-time customer experience management & analytics platform which help businesses to capture actionable customer feedback across different touch-points through offline, online and social channels, proactively reducing churn to increase retention & revenue. Loyagram measures customer experience and tracks loyalty.