Meet the JIC STARCUBE teams: CTI Software

  • How would you explain your project to your grandmother?

My grandmother lives by the river and I am telling her: “If we will agree with the city major, I will install a little smart boxes (sensors) by the river. In case the river level rise, the box will call you and tell you that you should move your belongings to the attic or that you should run immediately.”  

  • How is your project changing the world?

Significantly. Soon, there will be many boxes around that can watch many different things. We allow those box to call us or send messages. Its goal is to easily and clearly inform the users about important matters in their surroundings. By doing this, we save people’s time and we help to protect their property and lives.

  • What about your project are you the most proud on?

I am most proud of the idea itself. Because at the beginning when people heard about the idea they thought that I am insane.

  • Where (how) did you come up with your startup idea?

It came to my mind during one productive moment after double espresso (and a big party the previous evening). The place was very romantic and original – our office.

  • What did you have to give up for your project?

I cannot run anymore around table and hit little ball. I had to give up my hobby – table tennis.

  • If you would have become a large company with millions in profit, how would your headquarter look like and what benefits would you offer to your employees?

It will look like a huge atelier with many relax zones including pool, workout room and silent zone. I do not like ordinary offices as you know it. That is boring and does not support creativity.
Benefit for my employees would be holiday leaf that is not a punishment. That means that everyone can go peacefully for holidays without stressing about what they need to do and finish. It is closely related to organization of work and it is topic for longer debate.

  • What are you going to do with the money after you sell your project for billion dollars?

The first half will be donated to charity and the second one will for sure take my wife. I hope there will be something left for a beer.

  • Why is it cool to do business in Brno?

Brno has huge genius loci. It can motivate you, tease you and pander to you. Simply, you will never get bored here.

Pavel Chadima is in charge of project CTI Software (Czech Republic) which can instantly message you by voice, text message or email regarding any information picked up by sensors - whether that means exceeding a temperature limit on a production line, a rise in river levels or simply a crying child. The solution comes in the form of individualized services responding to individual bits of equipment in an IoT network.