INVEA-TECH: JIC Company of the Year 2013

Balancing the last year at JIC while summing up our success stories for EBN network, INVEA-TECH was selected as the most successful company of the year.

INVEA-TECH is a fine example of a hi-tech spin-off with a robust background from academia. With no extra seed funding the company keeps on growing steadily for several years leading to a kickstart of an exponential growth during the last year (including acquisition of one of their partner companies). The company also proves Brno and South Moravia to be a cybersecurity hotspot in both the terms of research and business. INVEA represents the new generation of cybersecurity companies that follow the success of the likes of AVG, AVAST and ESET which scored in the field of antivirus solutions. Solutions offered by INVEA go several steps further monitoring network behavior and not only the actual infection and intrusion.

Starting off from universities

In 2007 workers at Masaryk University got together with workers from the Brno University of Technology and CESNET to form a spin-off called INVEA-TECH. Today they are responsible for monitoring more than a third of the internet in the Czech Republic and offer network solutions all over the world to customers like CISCO or DELL. The FlowMon system, for which Invea was twice commended at the CeBIT fair in Hannover, allows you to increase network security; monitor network flow in real time; detect internal and external attacks, find and fix network incidents and much more.

INVEA-TECH is the leader in the flow monitoring & NBA market which is considered by Gartner as the next generation network security trend complementing and enhancing legacy security products such as firewall and IDS/IPS. Through our FPGA division we excel in 10G/40G/100G packet capture and packet processing technologies.


2008 – FlowMon helps first 50 customers to know and secure their networks

2010 – Gartner identifies INVEA-TECH as the only European NBA provider

2010 – participation on European FP7 project for safer Internet

2012 – INVEA-TECH has partners & customers on 5 continents

2013 – acquisition of AdvaICT company

2013 - INVEA-TECH recognized among Deloitte CE Technology Fast 50

From its inception the company has worked with the JIC Innovation Park – participating in professional workshops such as ‘120 Seconds’ networking, helping them to find business partners. "We not only appreciate the opportunities for networking activities and professional consultation at the JIC,” says Jiří Tobola, Business Director of INVEA-TECH. “We also value its location at the centre of the region’s thriving creative community.”

INVEA is a company completely set up by developers and tech guys. The main challenge was and still is to constantly work on the business approach, supporting entrepreneurial skills and finding efficient strategies to strengthen company´s abilities in the field of global sales. For example, the company was invited to a Go Global Bootcamp lead by US Market Access Center that was focus on global expansion with special emphasis on the US.

Learn more about INVEA-TECH on their website.